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Twisted, Real British Lads Horny as Fuck and Raw All the Time

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Super Sexy 19yr 🇺🇸 Polynesian lad 🌴RAW Fucked 30 mins non-stop on vacation

Hung Young Brit / Maxxie Rivers

Scene Length: 25 minute(s)

Release Date: 2019-12-04


This lad is something special - Oozing with personality throughout
You know how my vids are all talking cos I can't keep it shut 🤐well This video is like the total opposite- ITS ALL HARDCORE BAREBACK FUCKING
His so sweet- we really got along- he said he wanted us to call him Mowgli however his name is actually Maxxie - his so funny, he had to move from The Hawaiian islands 🌴 to mainland US because he fucked everyone there
(I'm not making this up😱)
WOW:::: He really is the find of-the-century
come watch me pin him down and stretch out my dick up him - he wanted ALL of it in there
We were out at a bar called Kiki in Manchesters Gay Village During Manchester Pride 🏳️‍🌈he was on holiday
He rides my dick whilst snogging me (french kissing) which makes my balls swell up with cum, by this stage my cock has grown an extra 2 inches cos I'm so into him- I swear I was edging the whole time, literally about to blow it so many times….
I pound him again n again - he can really take it ruff and gets turned on by older, well slightly older (oh… whatever) LOL, lads ramming it up there
Pulling this Playful, fun, charming boy and hanging with him put a massive fuck-off 😀 on my face - his SOOOO cute, I know your going to love him
His extremely handsome but more importantly his more beautiful on the inside- aaawwwwww- No, but really He can light 💡 up a room just by walking 🚶‍♂️ in.
Absolutely sexy mad -This boy is 'Jaw dropping' & Rides RAW dick so well, the kinky bastard ❤s it
His not so innocent ...NOT AT ALL
His one dirty fucker alright,
I feed him my pick and he swallowed it down his mouth whole
🔥 I love giving it to him up the arse- it feels SO SO good rubbing the skin of my helmet inside his bum! Obviously I have to stop myself busting my load about 8 times- he was fucking desperate for it, I fucking love that btw
At one stage I got my cock in him and my middle finger 🖕 and I'm seriously giving it him
✖ Fucked 30 mins ST8 - my dick had to be served an eviction notice 📃to get out of there !
After laying him on his side I flip him over and burry my dick in his arse legs in the air - the whole time in this vid, my RAW cock is fucked up him-
"you will jerk off to this clip time n time again - there's so much action"
I've NEVER 👀 my dick so hard
I put him at the foot of the 🛏 and shag him like a rabbit 🐇
When I'm fucking him doggie, his moans take me to the edge man and I feel myself squirt a bit of cum actually in him💦- but I hold off for The big finale because I really want you guys to 👀 how much I'm going to fucking shoot😅
As I'm pounding him doggie I hold his cute feet and the neck- his so bloody hot man
After half an hr of shagging this hottie 😈I just can't hold it any more…. FUCK ME DO I CUM ALOT….his arse checks are drenched 💧 in my cum and I fuck back up his arse - HE GOES CRAZY😜
This American so horny he spunks his boy load right away after
We have became good friends 👬I really want u to get to know him cos his such a genuinely nice Lad