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Twisted, Real British Lads Horny as Fuck and Raw All the Time

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🔥 Hot suited up 👔 Office boy fucked HARD n left spunky

Hung Young Brit / Joey Shaw

Scene Length: 12 minute(s)

Release Date: 2020-05-11


📍 WOW 📍 I though this lad looked 🔥 but fucking hell you wanna see him in a suit- he really looks the part!
Britian's next Top Model moves aside. 😂
Secretly under the Desk getting my cock out the zip and sucking on it.
AAAARRRRR now his got me well HARD - Bending him over the desk, I swear I could cum 💦 whilst fucking him just like that....the desk is going all over the place and the feel of his warm inside butt around my dick RAW means I’m ready to ALOT❗
🖋 What turns me on the most about this vid is that you can clearly see how innocent, beautiful and non sleazy this lad is - his so ‘normal’ and correct And yet this “decent” boy getting fucked Bareback and filmed and is going to have my cum💦 hanging out of his arse and then shown all over the world 🌎 ...Im fucking hard (why does that turn me on so much? Lol 😝 )
👌 His perfect bum👌 is left shown and exposed for you to see properly as his on his back on the desk taking cock in him.... WHAT A SIGHT!! 👀👀
👨‍💼 I fucking pound him whilst his feet are by my ears
(and yeah I smelling them coz I’m a bit twisted like that)
AGAIN - I’m just holding off 💥 No matter how many times I fuck this boy
EVERYTIME I just wanna fucking cum up him so much, so quickly
✂️ Ah mate, there are so many hot moments from this vid
I put him on his knees with his arse hanging over the office chair and give him one like that too!!
Standing against the Office wall, I’m Holding his neck and pushing his face agains the whiteboards 📝 as a burry my cock deeper in him then before then I fucking LOAD it all over and up his arse - his left creampied to fuck. (shit loads of cum BTW)
Im shagging him standing up and I just get carried away TO TOO HORNY
👔 If you have ever had to work in an office with some hot junior work apprentice that u just wanted to spunk up - then this vid is for you.
Sitting in his office, Joey cums the BIGGEST thickest load ever, right in my gob and I swallow as much of it as I can
I know I 💙 the chavs but having my cock hanging out the flys of my suit 👔 FUCKING TURNS ME ON
Theres no talking in this video - its not one of them vids Its HORNY AS FUCK!
💘 EVERYONE meet Joey - Joey meet EVERYONE💘
BTW joey is a right proper clever and together young Guy.
His also worked for many companies (non porn) and has got his shit together
I really admire him for that, his not into drugs or nothing and barely drinks - its refreshing and nice to hear
☄️ Oh and did you know his actually from the West of the UK and speaks with a cute accent - very sweet