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Twisted, Real British Lads Horny as Fuck and Raw All the Time

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💯 REAL x 3 NEW beautiful boys bred LIVE at event 🇧🇪 Then - Tag Team breeding

Hung Young Brit / Mikey Lee

Scene Length: 28 minute(s)

Release Date: 2020-06-02


We are going to Darklands is this massive event in Belgium 🇧🇪 where the whole fetish community get real dirty with each other - its actually more like an expo But we have to get it all on film for you coz the lads are so sexy there.
🔮 We come up with a number of Plans to get the BEST LOOKING lads there on camera 📷 for you!
First, we of all pretend like we are doing a ‘Casting’ session and see how many lads we can pull
(but we have a made a secret area 🤫 sssshhhh)
🥅 This FIT AS footballer comes out of nowhere and is right up 4 it, his proper touching me up 🙂
And his With a mate as cute as a button (his mate didn’t wanna be doing anything on film, but his since msg us BTW to say he would like to meet up❗ ) the super hot one with the full leathers on leathers on.
As soon as his mates leave, I bend over that young cute footballer ⚽ and fuck him one dumping inside him at the event 💦 (no pulling out) so he would have my cum in him all day 😈
We are obsessed with THE IDEA OF LADS WALKING ROUND WITH OUR CUM💧 Leaking out there ass.
Later on…
We are obsessed with THE IDEA OF LADS WALKING ROUND WITH OUR CUM💧 Leaking out there ass.
🍀 There was this other Twink, cute Irish 🇮🇪 lad gaging to get fucked there n then. He was so horny, like really sexual and really was wanting it! So I fucked him behind our stand too ✔️
His got the tiniest tightest body and fucking loved 🖤getting dicked
(i sware this is all 💯 % REAL I never met these guys before or even spoken to any of them - its so fucking 🔥 knowing how many lads are into barebacking now and wanna get LOADED up.... **SHOCKING** BUT HOT😳 Then we go interviewing 🎙 lads near the stage, not that we were meant to be there (we kinda invite ourselves along) LOL
but it looks all official cos I had a mic 🎤 HAHA
❌ No word of a lie -this is so funny
I catch this boy out there Connor of my eye,
OMG Serious FIT then I interviewed him... FUCKING absolutely beautiful Netherlands 🇳🇱 lad HOT AS and pulled him! Right there n then LIVE on cam Its so funny, his well cute and the interview was a disaster but funny and 💯 %REAL
he came back to our apartment
📽 Me and Mikey take his clothes off and get his Fat Cock out - its long too and a bit smelly
(I know, I know , I know your not all into that so I won’t go on)
But I do FUCKING LOVE Smelly Dicks ♨️
Then....You will new er guess what❓
As I go to put my dick up him, I have his socks 🧦 in my face which are ALSO a bit smelly ♨️ too and that sends me FUCKING insane mate⁉️ This boy is just one dirty sexy fuckka who’s not leaving our place without mine and Mikeys spunk shot up his arse and dripping into his pants as his walking off.
🤬 Im proper pissed off at always being the first to cum BTW - like, everyone els get to fuck a beautiful lads bum hole with another hot lads cum💦 already in him but me!
Coz I always cum to quick 😜 - its so funny - im like,
“Mikey PLEASE you cum first PLEASE”
OMG and he bloody does as well ☑️ YES YES YES!
🅱️🅱️ Essesx Mike pulls out, shoots 💦 a few MASSIVE pumps of cum and while still shooting its yummy cum he sticks it right back up his arse😈
**** Im going crazy with excitement *****
💓 Finally I get to fuck a cum sloppy boys hole 🕳 with warm Chav cum already deep inside 😍
GOD ITS THE BEST - I WANNA FUCK LIKE THIS forever now. I spit my cum💦 SO SO much, I can’t wait or you to 👀 this boys arse after…
〰 This video is REALLY REAL btw, nothing is made up or acted out including that fucked up interview I did with the dutch boy to meet him.
🔺 This is not your average video, Theres like 3 different vids in one really.... PROPER HOT cos its ALL REAL - we really did pull all these guys, from the 18yr Twink to that dutch one at the end- FUCKING HELL ITS SO HOT