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Twisted, Real British Lads Horny as Fuck and Raw All the Time

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I whisper ” Can I bareback you…Condom 2 Bareback 100% REAL-♨️Farm Boy

Scene Length: 18 minute(s)

Release Date: 2020-10-09


😱 OMG - I can’t live I did this…
I actually beg this boy to take my dick RAW - (SO cringe)
I didn’t even give him time to think about it
ME “Can I bareback you...
HIM ...AH?
ME “i’ll be quick
HIM “go on then..”
☀️HIS the BEST LOOKING BOY EVER - BY FAR !)) ALL Genuine Farm 🌾stable boy from UK Buckinhamshire
⚠️WARNING - seriously This videos and lad is Totally mind blowing! ⚠️
Me & josh turn up on this farm he recons his living on in Buckinghamshire
ARRR - STUNNING We push the Farm boy over bail of hay and just start doing him
Couldn’t believe my Luck ☘️- couldn’t wait to get his clothes off- wait till you meet him - His to die for- 💯 truly god like. SO SO PERFECT
〰im waring a condom but don’t worry I pull it off 〰
“i wanna feel my dick right in there RAW....
When I pull his trackies down and you 👀 his arse your going to think your in fucking heaven😇 - well lets put it this way...
... ive Never actually begged someone to take off a condom before AND
They say ok😈😡
(bit naughty I know, sorry to be a bad role model)
Its just I REALLY wanted to feel my naked skin of my helmet rubbing inside his bubble, leaking pre cum💦 and getting him wet from the inside.
its too crazy🤪 i can’t believed I asked him.....
Got way too carried away and you hear me whisper in his ear....
”Can I bareback you”....”Please Can I” (cringe)
ME “Can I bareback you…
HIM. ...AH?“
ME “i’ll be quick“
HIM “go on then“
WE just got too carried away and as soon as I asked, I had slipped it RAW 🐖 Back up his Bare- Arse
— — —CONDOM to BAREBACK— — —
And way ....
I get so close shagging him especially after ripping off that silly condom :) that makes me cum SO MUCH in his ares😈 - like I take it out for the briefest of moments only so you can 👀 and know its real! FUCKING outrageous -
I Then poke it right back in his ares knowing im cumming all the time
🔥 we are well openminded and I poke my cum deep up that cute young famers arse Its started by the Hot sexy lad inviting us to his farm via the website❗❗
We Been invited up there because of there so called ‘sex parties’ the lads recon they holds!
AND FUCK ME, ITS Only ALL TRUE- well in think it is -
💥 I think they need help getting guys there so if anyone wants to help then arrange get in touch
The ower, is this much Much older guy (I totally would 😈 btw)
Im not sure what the arraignment is up there, obviously its something sinister knowing gays lol HAHAH
But lads live rent free and they got loads of guys visiting all the time for XXX Parties🎉 🎊 🎈
When I pull his trackies down and so you his are your going to think your in fucking heaven - well lets put it this way........
....... ive never begged someone to take a condom off so badly
😱 bit naughty I know, sorry to be a bad role model😱
Its just if i had my naked skin of my helmet rubbing inside anyones arse,
thats a turn on ....but this bubble butt, its too crazy🤪 and knowing he wants it RAW in there too ... AAARRRRR
🐴 The stable boy is a stud farmer Alright - most properly the HOTTES 💔 lad EVER filmed and they breed horses up there! (no lie)
The place is amazing but FUCK ME - when I saw that boy in real life man - he 👀 nothing like his pictures -SO MUCH HOTTER - SO FUCKING FIT His truly god like! So angelic
I have instantly fallen in 💑 with him - his perfect! Just wish he was living with
💥 Ive cum over 15x times to this video. Oh and This is our new friend - im convincing him to come to London cos as per usual all these guys complain about 1 thing...Guess what???
“oh I just don’t know how to meet people”
Baby all these young lads all wanna be filthy fuckers and take Ammon RAW dick❓ Wont you help them❓ they all got the same problem - don’t know how to meet guys! If you like me or my mates PLEASE PLEASE message in
These lads I meet have sex like twice a year! seriously -you would be helping them out, HA HA HA
MAD~- Insane - ludicrous fucking just 👀 at the lad
All jokes aside- his like the nicest guy EVER ... so a wicked personality
✔️ They don’t want money all they want is for you to 💦 off-load your cum💦
in there arse, zip up and leave with out it being a big deal
🏃 Come meet up with us, your missing out
On and
You wanna 👀 this place, Its a gay🌾 farm and the owner has all these stable boys running about the place with horses -
The owner saids we can all meet up there to film us Fucking these lads as long as they are up 4 it
P.S OH after saying it was ok to use his name, 🚜 ’Farm Boys’ changed his mind (fair enough) so we are calling him 🚜 farm boy 🚜 - sorry for all the
beeb outs but thats me calling him by his name
he didnt want everyone to know what a dirty little fucker he is.
💯 Genuine footage - REAL guys, HIS NEVER DONER PORN or any video work before