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Twisted, Real British Lads Horny as Fuck and Raw All the Time

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8x anon loads posted 2 us in mail 📪 Frozen ❄️ & Fucked into Young stunner

Scene Length: 19 minute(s)

Release Date: 2020-10-20


**Shocking as fuck** Holly fucking shit - this is the craziest thing we have ever done (and thats saying something)
❗ BAREBACK OBSESSED absolutely beautiful 🇬🇧 Brit boy takes your cum❗
8 (yes 8) ❄️ Frozen cum LOADS fucked deep into arse and another 4 loads
pumped in his arse by a 10” hung sexy TOP - we fuck him up with dildos and all ALL genuine - SO SO HOT- A MUST SEE CLIP
These 8 Guys film themselves, jerking off into condoms & posting 📪 to us to fuck up the farm boy - we love to take our fans 💧 Cum in our arse
Me and my hung scally mate split open the frozen spunk loads (no word of a lie) we even got them to add in the video of them actually OFF LOADING💧 there spunk 4 us into the Johhny so it would be even hornier and they sent in there vids along with there think spunk!
When I told that boy he got so excited- his so gagging 4 it- I told you that farm boy was into bareback!
🆘 We So are the dirtiest fuckkas in london and want u to know that 🆘
The older fit Hung lad is PERFECT for fucking cum into boys! His prick really is 10” and his such a sleazy loving trash bag - his very us.LOL
📌 Get fans from the site to donate there cum
📌 Wank off in a Johnny
📌 Video it for us
📌 Post it to us
📌 Freeze it ready to be fucked up that lad
We managed to get 8 condoms sent to us in post
YES ☑️ 8 genuine random fans wank off into condoms
YES ☑️ they post there cum in the 📭 mail to us
YES ☑️ you get too see viewers at home making spunky lube for us
YES ☑️ We have the vids of them doing as proof😬
YES ☑️ we split them open, smother a dildo and wack it up that gorgeous boy
YES ☑️ that 10” dick gets covered in cum as lube
FUCKING HORNY MAN - This is extreme CUM-PLAY unmanageably MIND BLOWING
✅ We are truly cum mad! WE 💛 cum play
✅ We are truly trash,
✅ we have no standards,
✅ we will fuck anyone and get there cum spunk off us, we will convince stunning guys that they should really take everyone spunk up and bareback
💥 Your spunk is Fingered in his arse
We Rip up and split open the Johhny to get your cum, pour onto our dicks before sliding it up him
OMG The hot farm lad bends over the sofa and begs for anonymous cum to be pushed up his hole😈
That Big Dicked dirty minded top splits open our first ❄️ Frozen load, fingers it inside our Twink boys arse and rams his Fat nob in there...aaarrrr
😍 My dick has nearly fallen off with the wanking ive done to this!
🚽 That young stunner has so much cum up his arse he needs to go 2 the toilet 🚽
Coz he arse can’t hold any more cum
leaving me alone with that right sexual Top lad...(we know whats coming next) HEHE he proper fucked me one you know?
🤪 That 10”Inch nob starts fucking me all of a sudden All real, all natural, we don’t turn the cameras off -i thought we were double fucking that farm boy or tag
teaming him but as he was nipping in the shower somehow I find myself with that horse hung MASSIVE FUCK-OFF sized dick in my gob😥
His well forceful (👀 at the way his going for my bum - topical TOP😈 ) and rams in hands down my pants + he was well wanting to push it inside me bare
(YES YES YES) and fuck me a bit so I kinda agreed but it got out of hand and he was really giving it to me🤩 - I was trying to save my cum so im resisting (oh shut up u at I know it doesn’t look like I was resisting but I was trying too) HAHAHA
He just push’s in tattooed hand and pulls my green tackles down bit and stuck his arm into my pants from the front reaching found with his hand to touch my arse... ⭐ After I shot my spunk I fucking save it too !!!!!!
Then when the farm boy gets back in the room we REALLY GO TO TOWN on him ARRRRR - THIS IS SENDING ME CRAZY - His my perfect type (along with everyone els ive said that about) and his so push’s and falusefull but in a real hot sexual way
⚠️ This vid is 50 mins long so I had to upload it into two parts - there both SO OUTRAGEOUSLY HORNY- part 2 coming next whatever you do “DONT MISS IT”