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Twisted, Real British Lads Horny as Fuck and Raw All the Time

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NEW St8 acting authentic Scally Double cherry popping SPUNK🍒 STUPIDLY Hot ❌

Hung Young Brit / Joshy Boy

Scene Length: 26 minute(s)

Release Date: 2020-12-21


Seriously LOOK AT THIS CHAV LAD -smoking 🚬 scally - so so fit -100% legit chav - deadly hot looking proper ruff ankle tagged - SO SO SEXY
⭐ Josh wasn’t ready or nothing, not even showered but when I showed him his picture His well straight acting, which I know Sends josh fucking 'outta control‘- seriously he turns into a right horny sleazy fucker) LOL he 🧡 his ‘rude boys’
🥩 So Aron is obviously “straight” , even though he saids he isn’t but Seriously LOOK AT THIS CHAV LAD - So So FIT, So So proper geezer from up North.
We fuck that game off out of it and wanna see His Fit Scally dick Mate - his got
📍 Fit 6 pack
📍 gets cock rammed in is mouth
📍 Josh bareback him n cums up him
📍 Dubble crempie - Then I fuck him after with Joshs spunk💧 and dump a think one 💧 right up him as well.
He’s Drop dead gorgeous -lovely northern accent - From what I knew he was a TOP only didn’t kiss or suck dick. He said he ant done anything like that before (and when u look at his online profiles his not done) 💙 IT
Aron then lubes up joshy's arsehole and starts shagging him BARE
He folds Josh over and fucks him so hard he’s well moaning - proper hot shag this boy.
Hes fuck Josh so hard, BUT in the back of my mind I can’t stop thinking 🤔 about us fucking him. Josh gets his mouth round his fat cock - well get it all on film 🎥 for you!
Me and Josh were having a quiet night, playing xbox ( 🕹 Fortnite is the only game we play now BTW)
when this FIT northern Scally lad messaged us 2 ask If he could come over and that his not in LONDON long - like on 📸 cam -that kinda fun, he wants to build up his twitter or something - 🚨 which if ya into sexy sally really Rough council lads then cheek him out - 🚨
Dont know what happened to his ❌ no sucking dick rule because he jumps at he chance to deep throating josh on the bed. Fuck me this is hot! I know his st8 but I can tell he was here 4 more then just to make a video or something, like he well wants it ❗
As All rules are going out the window tonight, I keep wondering - can we fuck him?
I wanna know if he will let me or josh fuck him SO BAD.... His arse is too cute to not fuck his tight hole.
CAN U IMAGINE —-and YES it happens - Crazy Crazy Crazy, he didn’t just get 🅱️🅱️ fucked my me
And Josh, we can’t hold it of too long man WE ARE BOTH SO HORNED UP !
👀 I look at josh as his fucking him on and he ‘gave me the look’ 👀
I knew he wasn’t going to ask if he could cum but just go ahead, pull of at SUCH THE LAST MINUTE and cream pie his spunk right over his arse and fucking then RAW IT RIGHT BACK IN
😱 it Was a bit naughty cos we should have checked if that was alright with him first - but too late - then I take this Scally King St8 boy and fuck him with all that cum 💦 hanging out his arse
!!!! THIS VIDEO WILL BLOWB YOUR MIND !!!! Don’t miss this one its dead horny from start to finish
I SWEAR not in a million years did I think it would happen- ive seen his twitter he ❌ doesnt ever do any of that - he normally just doses what st8 guys do and get sucked and maybe fuck little topping-
OMG pushing it up him Bareback, he’s so tight, it was a struggle to my solid dick up inside there - he really doesn’t get fucked- was REALLY AMAZING im not going to lie - I didn’t think I was into all that 🍒 cherry popping young chavs🍒 - BUT WHAT A TURN ON MAN 😈
The Scally lads is so rough, his smoking all the way through
You get two types of Scallys/Chavs yeah?
✔ The first type is just for show
✔ The second type thats who they Arte and they can’t help being council trash and rough as fuck (and there the HOTTEST ) lol
Theres not ❌ not a single video out there of this Scally king taking cock, never mind 2 cocks and with cum dripping right out of him.
josh loads his arse after I fuck him with Joshs spunk and shoot in his cheeky scally hole - theres cum fucking everywhere _SUPER HOT CLiP THIS GUYS!
Scally lad is secretly fucking loving it too!