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Twisted, Real British Lads Horny as Fuck and Raw All the Time

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Anonymous Twink 🅱🅱 CUM DUMP takes 25 LOADS Giant Pump N Dump session 100% REAL

Scene Length: 21 minute(s)

Release Date: 2020-12-31


Anonymous fit as fuck CUM DUMP, 🗑who wanted as many guys to come by throughout the day and dump their loads 💧 right up this cute lads arse. 🍑 😱 So lots of Pump N Dumps
And of course I thought id stay for the day to catch all the action for you 🎥
⭐️Seriously this IS SO FUCKING HOT
By the time I got there his arse had already been pre loaded by 15 guys ! 🙆‍♂️
Me and this other fit cunt then double fuck his hole. ❷
🏀Whilst he’s rinding me, I can feel the cum dripping out of him and all over my balls 🏀
I stop as I can feel myself about to cum and I want to save it for later.
I Was always told to save the best for last LOL. ⌚️
More and More guys are arriving now and I start sucking their dicks and getting them hard, ready to dump in this CUM SLUT. 🚮
After every load, the guys take a marker pen and put a tally on his back -
This is some real filthy shit! ✍️
And this cum whore just lays there waiting for the next load to flood him. 🌊
Load 22 and this boys hole is huge! and you can see all the spunk just dripping out of him making a puddle on the bed. 💦🛏
The last guys dick is there rock hard whilst im putting my finger in this boys massive spunky hole.
I grab his dick and its warm, wet and throbbing from the load he just dumped in him. 🤞
❌I cant wait any longer to cum!
So me and this other guy Double fuck him, he’s a real fucking pro, he’s defo knows how to take dick, and me and this other guy aint being gentle. 😲
The other guy has spunked 💦and now its finally my turn and im about to dump my load all over this fit cunt. 🤪
I flip him over and fuck him from behind, I pound his arse so hard that I can feel the spunk moving around in his arse AND I 😍 IT
Its everywhere even on my sock - real sleazy stuff. 🧦🚿
After I finished I take the pen and draw my tally on his back ! ✍️
He was done at Load 24 and left with a cummy arsehole, a wet bed and a massive smile. 💦🛏