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Twisted, Real British Lads Horny as Fuck and Raw All the Time

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REAL 4 lads convince '10/10 private shag' to join BB fuck gets face FULL of Cum 💦

Italian Top

Scene Length: 24 minute(s)

Release Date: 2021-02-23


Filming our fucks in the house don’t always go as planned…
So this hot as fuck Twink guy that I met on Grindr, 📲 wanted to come chill with me the other day.
Same day that my fit French 🇫🇷lad was messing about with Hung ‘TwinkLover’, getting his tight hole, fucked raw by a that fit Italian Top.
🇮🇹🔝 which is hot as fuck btw
Lewis, my Grindr mate is not sure about the videos 🎥 his got self convince issues - What a load of bollox !! His SO beautiful - Im in heaven having him round! He really got my dick solid 🍆
Seriously - thats what he was worried about, that everyone was going to laugh at him! How ridiculous
I spent all afternoon trying to persuade him thats not true and to be a model -
I mean just fucking look at him, he’s hot as fuck and his body I’ve got so much pre-cum leaking 🤤
I thought if he saw👀 the other two lads at it then he might join in or something, didn’t go that way but oh well -
BUT - he did Suck me off man - all the way as well and I proper dump my whole spunk in his mouth and he keeps so sucking it - (see I knew he was dirty!!) ITS FUCKING REALLY HOT
I don’t know if I scared him off -I wish I could have fucked him - His happy me showing you him sucking but for some reason not fucking -I hope he reads this and comes back 😈
Leaving them to horny naked fuckers breeding each other downstairs. 🤰
The top is so fucking sleazy you can just tell he can’t wait to get his massive cock in this stunning French boys arse. 🇫🇷🍑
He then gets flipped over and fucked hard by this Dom Italian Top. Pounding away at tight arse you can hear his balls clapping away on him all the way from upstairs. 👏
Hes going so deep in that wet sloppy cumfilled arsehole,
The other 2 are going hard this Italian top is going at his tight hole hard and fast filling him up with his massive load. 🔨
Guys - this clip is all REAL. REAL guys making REAL footage
So it really can be a bit over the place sometimes
I know he will want to film 🎥with us properly soon xx🤞