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Twisted, Real British Lads Horny as Fuck and Raw All the Time

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Young n Trashy Skin-Head 20yr HOT CHAV 🧢 Gets LOADED by 3rd in Council Estate bin shed 5AM

Scene Length: 14 minute(s)

Release Date: 2021-03-28


Bit trashed after being out all night - was out clubbing with Jaffa and pick up this hot lad -we all end up in East London
That dirty fuckka Jaffa was itching to fuck him one - (we met him in manchester pride remember?)
👀WE spot this Fit Latin sexy dirty😈 , obviously up 4 it as well👀
Me and Jaffer had been out clubbing and picked him up but this beautiful boy we were on the way back to his- then he saids he couldn’t host,🏚 something about a flat mate a girl being upstairs or something. UUuuurrr
💥I Kid you not, he walks us into a fucking bin shed🗑 LOL So appropriate HAHA
Remember its like stupid 0’ clock at night🌙 and we were not 💯% of ‘sound mind’🤪
✅ That fit 20’s latino bottom boy, Super cute Skin-Head got a right fucking 🅱️ 🅱️ Dicking in his bin shed - we had no where to go !! so took over the bin shed on his Estate and locked ourselves in - horny but so random LOL
We get him In the waste shoot of his estate (classy I know) But at least it was somewhere and start ripping his clothes off- his well up 4 it
This HOT CHAV 🧢 and was proper begin for us to cum inside him❗️
We bend him over and Jaffa rams it BareBack right up him whilst his hanging over the all the trash I the room (literally)
You gotta 👀 his arse man! - its well nice perky🍒 bubble bum - really lovely and even better with a cock being fucked raw In to it
So peaky, squeezable & LOADABLE❗️ super hot l
He gets fucked all round this Dirty gunge trashy room
Jaffa’s Dicking him over an oil drum pulls out and shoots💦 it over his hole then rams it back in….AAARRRRER REALLY 🔥
some of our uploads are long - like 40 mins etc hell we even have to sometimes split into 2 coz there 90 mins long and got 40 guys in.
BUT -TRUST - ME - sometimes the quick, UNPLANNED - Later at night 🌘 ripping down trackies and just shoving it in…IS THE BEST 😈- with this lad’s pants pulled down round his ankles and us shagging him real quick as to not get caught makes us SO FUCKING HONRY proper on edge (in a good way)— no fucking about
We leave this little fuckker with cum pumped up his arse and just walk off….
😍I love the The non formal - non-arranged quickie in the bin shed😍 🔥Its the hottest 🔥
PLEASE message us if you ❤️ our videos and have any ideas
Of how to make them even hornier…maybe your into feet, or you think there one of my mates who desperately needs getting fucked by one of your mates
let us know what u love the most n wanna do - Gen offer
PLS message in - we really welcome the help try to reply to everyone x x