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Twisted, Real British Lads Horny as Fuck and Raw All the Time

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Absolutely Stunning 'Oversized tongue' 👅Brit Boy rims Joshs arse with spunky mouth 😈

Scene Length: 19 minute(s)

Release Date: 2021-05-01


OMG this lads got the biggest tongue EVER…..
When he pokes his tongue out it covers his chin - its MASSSIVE
As soon as I saw that I wanted to blow my load over it and get my cum
Drench over his gob with Joshs LOAD too, Tilt his head back & make him swallow.
His invite by Joshy to help Decorating 🖌️ which ends up with Josh's Grindr mates massive tongue 👅 covered in cum and him licking it inside Joshs cute bum hole💦
So, Josh brought hit FIT mate round to help me with decorating! 🎨
I knew automatically he is one horny fucker 😈and i'm definitely getting his pants off.
Id already had a plasterer in who had done a shit job so I was in need of all the help I could get and I definitely wasn't going to turn down this fit twink. 👍

Im pretty sure he was up for it as well as he spent a good amount of time flirting with me and on all fours "sweeping up".
So Josh's Grindr mate is fully up for getting fucked as full payment for all his hard work. 💰
I can see his hard cock through his tracksuit bottoms and I can't lie its making me so shy LOL. 😊 Hes so fit and sleazy he gets on his knees and starts deep throating me straight away. 🍆

Hes so prepared to be my cum dump that he's wearing tracksuit bottoms with an easy access zipper right along his tight hole. 🤐
I fuck him for a bit but being the nice friend that I am, I can see Josh is eager to get involved so I swap. 😎
Hes down on his knees again only this time with Josh in his mouth. 🤪
Josh then rims him lubing him up nice and good. 💦
While Josh is fucking him, I ram my cock back in his mouth. This sleazy cunt is loving it! I can tell he can't wait to be loaded up. 🚮
His tongue is massive and I can't wait to spunk all over it. He's gagging down my cock I can tell he wants my load bad!👅💦
Next thing you know im on the floor and this sexy cunt is riding me.🐎
Can someone remind me to buy a shit load of these arseless trackies for the next pride as boy these will come in handy!
Grindr boys mate turns up and of course wants to join in.
So ive got Jack on his knees again whilst Josh sucks off the other one. 🤝
This is like hide and seek I just keep finding more dicks to play with tonight. 🎮
I want a taste of the new boy so im sucking him off and his ramming his dick to the back of my throat, im rocking fucking solid at this point. 🚀
Im fucking him so hard while he's on all fours over a paint bucket, but this sleazy cunt wants me to cum all over his massive tongue. 🎨
😈OMG this next bit is WELL HORNY 😈 I load up his tongue and then he rims Joshs arse with my cum !!!
pushing my spunk right up his bum. 🍑💦 you can see my spunk hanging out of Joshs hole.
Hes so dirty he then licks it all out and lets his mate spunk all over his face. 🤤
This is so fucking HOT he's got all of us dripping off of him. 💦
I can officially say not much decorating was done tonight. 🚫
Wow I can't believe this lad rimmed my cum
Up Joshs arse!!!
SO SO HOT - That was insane