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Twisted, Real British Lads Horny as Fuck and Raw All the Time

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Mega cummer LOADS up TWO 🇬🇧 19yr FIT 'Boy-Next-Door' total Cum whores

Jake C / Quincy Young

Scene Length: 14 minute(s)

Release Date: 2021-06-04


There was 4 of us…
Firstly this Truly STUNNING 'Boy-Next-Door' British lad 🇬🇧 19yr WELL hung & up 4 it
WOW - was not expecting that! HIS FIT
Ive never seen such a Perfect
👌 ass - proper bubble butt - completely hairless
And then the lads stretch it open with there hands and burry there face and tongue up there - WOW such an amazing sight ✨
THEN there's This other boy who's well sexy, 21 yr and quite stocky (I 💖 that)
His got a Tash - well his SUCH A HEAVY cummer
We are talking 'Mega cummer'
💧 This lad cums so much and in such a large volume that there is a measurable weight shift ❗ such a "Heavy Cummer" that our bottom lad put on almost two pounds and barely made it to the bathroom!
OMG So its Joshy mates - he knows 2x of the 3x of the lads from around the party 🎉 scene here in London
Really sexy lads! They were willing to come help us decorate🎨 the flat -
During lockdown we been so bored so we decided to completely redecorate all the rooms in the flat ready for the New Arrivals (got to meet them first)
Plus that bloody castle 🏰 theme was really doing my head in. LOL
That heavy cummer boy is really fucking him one,
rough and then he pulls out and shoots ☔ the BIGGEST LOAD IVE EVER SEEN - then push's the lot back 🅱️🅱️ into the sexy cute boys arse.
Such a hot boy and a total Cum whore🤩 He fucking loves it
His such a dirty boy - he fingers all the cum into his own arse 🤯after the lads have shot it over him !!! ARRR REALLY hot
I Go crazy and sick out his bum there n then - FUCKING LUV IT MATE! - with that smooth hole 😈of his as well that everyone Spunked up !
Holly Shit! You gotta see this shot man - that absolutely beautiful smooth Twink is staring up and that Big Dicked Top boy - begging for him to cum in him SO HOT (his obviously heard about the heavy

💤 surprise, surprise Josh is in bed and doing fuck all HAHA even though there his friends - if you know Josh then you know exactly what I mean, he just doesn't wake up for love nor money that one 💤😴
💥That sexy slut lad actually holds his own bum open as much as he can and is just looking so longly dying to get cummed in.
We all rush to finger the rest of the spunky cum reading on his butt and finger it up his arse….Ive cum over 20x times to the vid
(I actually licked him one out on cam after as well 😈 🤭That NEW HOT BOTTOM BOY then turns TOP 😲 no lie - he gets his big 8inch prick and bends over the tongue boy josh had originally brought down to help with the decoration
☄️This just gets better and better - heavy cummer lad has got such
he wants to off load he starts fucking that big tongued boy too - ITS BRILLIANT
That dirty fucker after already coming up the 1st lad - then spunks it over & up that sweet Hottie mate of josh's
ITS a CRAZY CRAZY day - so glad I asked them all to help paint - the rooms finished now too
...Oh there wsa a sound issue after a few minutes on this one so we played music
At least don't have to keep hearing me going on and on . Lol
Oh and our young cute 19yr is up 4 meeting with guys btw!
100% gen offer - he lives up north
He might be young but his not a novice - U should meet up with him