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Twisted, Real British Lads Horny as Fuck and Raw All the Time

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Lost bet bother fuck Me Fucking Josh Creampie then 9” cock fucks my cum DEEP cums 2x

Martin Big

Scene Length: 22 minute(s)

Release Date: 2021-08-19


3 Lads chilling on 🎮 Fortnie
🤯 Invited my Tall sexy scally mate over for an xbox night, who’s got an
Enormous dick 🍆 BTW
but we had been partying 🎉so was feeling not the greatest, so wasn’t planning on filming
In fact was Completely unplanned - we both look ruff as fuck - I hadn’t shaven or had hair cuts or any of that shit. It all just sort of happened
Finally I fuck Josh ……. I fuck Josh - WHAT❓
and spunk 💦in his arse ready for our 9” dick mate to fuck him with my cum💧- and he does!!!
In fact the horny Hung over-sized Fucker shoots his load twice
Josh is so cock hungry - he loves That big dick!

⚽️ The Football Euros final bet
Ok we may have got a bit carried away here guys but you gotta understand
something- This was the first time The 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 England Footie squad had made it to a
finales in an international championship for over 40 years- the whole country
thought we was going to win
we placed a bet on twitter with this sexy 🇮🇹 Italian lad that if England won we
would Gang Fuck😈 this boy with 11 of our mates! The number of a whole football
And if England lost then we had to do something that we wouldn’t normally do
(and no it couldn’t be have sex with 11 people or something because we do that all
the time) lol
So thats how it came to be…. If anyone who didn’t 👀 the game it came SO
bloody close man-but England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 lost on penalties
(I know your going to think im nuts but I REALLY did think England was going to
win you know!)
♦️I promise you it was meant to be a tick ☑️ box exercise - Just to say to twitter
📱we had done it -Maybe just dip my dick in and out real quick to save ‘Welching
the bet
But it didn’t really go like that 😈😛😈

⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ the Following statement is not for Josh’s ears👂
Josh if you’re reading this then STOP READING NOW PLS…(seriously)
I really ❤️ Fucking without a condom and so siding inside him BARE got me really
fucking going & holding onto Josh’s tiny waist MADE ME WANNA fuck him even
more… He’s such a dirty rough chav
So, OMG Josh’s arse is actually FUCKING AMAZING to shag - really fucking tight
(last thing I was expecting)
…..YES! Of course I fucking 💚LOVED it 💚- I was shaking with excitement and
nerves The crazy horny feeling you get when you know your doing something ‘not
quite right’ (not going to say ‘wrong’) HAHA but yeah….ive known him all my life
obviously so it did feel strange as if we shouldn’t be doing it….
But that Rush 💨 I got was so fucking 🔥 - my heart was banging, in my head I
had a voice saying 💬 “ SHOOT YOUR 💦LOAD IN HIM”
Trackies pulled down↓- bent over the sofa and me fucking him
I was really going for it FAST ⏩
I turn him round, push his legs right 🆙 in the air,
spit 💧on my dick and poke it up him again- as im fucking him one, I feel myself
getting well carried away 👀 how fast im going! Fucking loved the pervyness of
it👿 AAARRRR so twisted
Also Josh is ‘King 👑 of the Chav’ - he really is the real deal and to have his
trainers 👟 by my ears as im pushing my cock in and out his proper tight arse with
his Nike bottoms round his ankles is a 🔥 sight to see ! ! !
I get way too carried away and blow my load💧 over then push it in his arse - I just
went into automatic mode without thinking -or maybe I knew what I was doing and
wanted to fuck him…. I actually don’t know myself
Wasn’t till watching it back I realised a few things…
1️⃣ Joshs dick! is ROCK HARD
2️⃣ Josh seemed to be down for it….(although I can talk anyone into anything so
maybe im reading too much into that one) lol
3️⃣ His face! Look at his smile man - I think he liked it alright! Never 👀 a grin of his
face like that before

Brothers - For legal reasons we have to State
Me and Josh are not Blood brothers -
we grew up together as kids but are not directly related
(Last thing we need is more court cases)
Josh is my brother (not by blood) we grew up in the same town together
Honestly me and josh had kinda decided not to fulfil The Bet
BUT we are not Welchers either…
Its just, I can’t imagine starting a 🎬‘scene’ with Josh!
Like kissing 😘 him and slowly taking our clothes off and all that shit - thats just a
step WAY too far for us, we have never done that-
With the risk of this sounding like a Dr Phil episode
I grew up with Josh as kids and whilst we are not blood brothers, we consider
ourselves related - every Christmas 🎄 for as long as I can remember we have
spent together at my mums or at his dads - we both come from Medway,
Chatham, Kent
As kids we were as inseparable as we are today
Hence why we have never shagged and made a vid before.