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Twisted, Real British Lads Horny as Fuck and Raw All the Time

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3AM Shit-Faced party lads creampie Stunner! Dick tube pumping cum inside

Joshy Boy

Scene Length: 12 minute(s)

Release Date: 2021-10-02


✨ Filming Dick swelling as Im LOADING inside
✅ REAL Lads,
✅ Real party,
✅ REAL sex - Crazy party in The van

This is all 100% REAL footage of us partying!
No Porn bullshit -
I fancied that boy so much😍
He started sucking my dick to get it hard for the pics we were doing
Which was some mad Josh idea to do a photoshoot at pride at 3Am when
everyone could barely
That model boy was just meant to suck my dick to get it hard for a few pics but as
soon as he started deep throating it I knew I was getting well horny!!! 😈
I snog his face off, spin him round 🔁 push him again the brick 🧱 wall, spit on my
dick 💧 and fuck him Bareback with with trackies pull down⬇
ARRRRRR - Its a proper good watch ! LOL
Its mad cos EVERYONES there watching 👀 and filming us-
(I grab there footage of there phones 📱 to make this clip happen)
“And there’s none ❌ of that pulling out and then coming shit ❌ -
fuck that -nah I proper cum in him” - you can see👀 my dick swelling up and
my load is being shot from my dick into his arse! BEST CUMMING EVER...
Fucking this boy was just brilliant man -
The whole film is made of phone footage - ITS ALL REAL !!
REAL Partying, REAL Fucking!
Turns me on thinking of my LOAD up this Boys Arse ALL NIGHT as he sleeps💤
These are my fav vids! Im just sorry I cum so quick man!

.....Its not over yet....

I was in the van 🚐 with some guy and he said to me
“Oh I can’t never get hard partying🍻 , I dont know how you do it?”
And I said to him
“oh, I like it when I suck a guy off who can’t get hard- I really good at doing that
and getting hard”
(not meaning lets do it now .... But thats exactly what happed) hehe
No-one could see what we were up to which made it hotter 🔥

Then I get really into it man.... Such a rush getting his dick rock hard,
Josh flips me over to inspect my arse and that guys just stars fucking me all of a
sudden...really hot - I was gagging 4 it... Mikes got his hand 🤳 in the window
filming on his phone 📱
I cum AGAIN such a huge amount man - really fun night