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Twisted, Real British Lads Horny as Fuck and Raw All the Time

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Victor Rom fucks my 18yr cute 🇬🇧 lad with 9inch neighbour

Danny Twink / Nathaniel Levi / Viktor Rom

Scene Length: 35 minute(s)

Release Date: 2021-11-24


Danny (real name BTW)
This is so HOT 🔥 One of the best vids
Two BIG DICKED guys come over to fuck my 18yr cute mate Danny (real
name BTW) from leeds
Fucking perfect lad - really beautiful and 💯% genuine & dead up 4 it!
We get online 💻 and invite this first guy round - never done vids before or
nothing - (turns out his one of our neighbours) - and his Good Looking &
Hung as fuck! WOW
Then the door goes and its Victor Rom (you know, the porn star⭐️) and his
The friends didn’t want join in in though- victor had been messaging✉️ me
about filming and it just so happens he was in town doing something for
Clonezone sex store that day
Its funny because Victor doesn’t speak much English his mates chaperone
him over to mine - I tried getting there nobs out too but it wasn’t working
(❓they so were not up 4 anything like that) HAHA Worth a try though right)
So a bit cringe
BUT that victor guy was fucking sex mad - he was really into this cute lad at
😈mine too which added to the hornyness of it all
We wet💦 up his arse by licking his hole and putting our wet fingers in there
I love 💚touching his bubble butt
Im trying desperately to film it all!
His fucking him flat on the floor and his pre-cum 💧 is going in and out of his
This lad gets fucked in 6 different potions all over that room ☀️- his even bent
over the dinning table 🍽 and pounded by those enormous dicks
LOOK 👀 at the smile on Dannys face- his absolutely fucking loving it
(we Like this Danny lad alot - his great fun)
Everyone’s making a big deal outta this lads butt 🍑 because its SO Smooth
and so fuck-able
After sitting on them dicks and going up n down, the two sexy blokes throw
him on the floor and fuck him to death and the other one face fucks his
mouth 👄
Our neighbour gets his prick out and its huge! Like 9inchs, fat - can’t wait to
see it go up that hot lad‼️
These two big built blokes are well into this tiny Twink and it really shows!
His not given a minute to rest between each of the hung dicks fucking his
arse hole or rimming him out or snogging him rotten - his proper fucking cute
man to be fair
The neighbour spunks first 💦 over his back and push’s his spunky dick back
up that perfect hole - HOT HOT HOT - that then sends Victor off and he
dumps it, at the same time, right in his open gob😈
I totally freak out and wipe his load 💧 over my hand and ram it up his arse
too! - was a crazy night
THis vid is def one to watch and also FYI - I do end up fucking that stunning
hot lad - once they gone and with there cum! And YES - I got it on cam 🎥 lol