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Twisted, Real British Lads Horny as Fuck and Raw All the Time

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2x 18yr in Spunky Student Sandwich 🥪 @ PARTY by HUNG BB Boys

Scene Length: 29 minute(s)

Release Date: 2021-12-27


OMG ive never seen such a hot skinny lad in my life - Words cant describe how
beautiful this boy 18yr Chiness Lad and is and also such a sweet heart -
EVERYONE wanted to 🅱 🅱 FUCK him
It turned into a Horny Group fuck 😈
2 x 🔝 Hung Lads take turn fucking these two HOT student lads
shoots there loads 💦 as he’s face fucking him BUT then that Danny spat all that
cum in my hand 🖐 for me to sick up this boys arse
OMG ive never seen such a hot skinny lad in my life - Words cant describe how
beautiful this boy is and also such a sweet heart
😝 That cute 18yr, Mr K he’s proper going up and down on Rickys dick
Then rick just blows one out💧 - that lad was well keen to jump st8 back on his
cum soak dick😈 Im telling ya now - he loved it RAW that lad - Bareback all the
time too I bet for him 😍
He’s so fucking stunning words can’t describe and then I got to know him a bit
too and his really switched on, and really sweet which makes him EVEN more
🏚 You gotta see this place too - it was a proper crazy weekend
dont really ask what we was all doing there because I would just have to lie to you,
which as you know I dont lie so...LOL what can I say apart from a massive thank
you to you - we had a lovely time!
🎒 GUYS GUYS GUYS! You gotta see 👀 the bit where Rickys bumming that cute
little Danny and 9” Hung Martins fucking his gob 👄 at the same time and he
shoots his load 💦 as he’s face fucking him one! (everyone wants to face fuck
Danny to be fair, he is really charming) BUT then that Danny spat all that cum 💦
RIGHT THERE AND THEN N ON FILM in my hand 🖐 and filled it up like a lake. I
then delivery it to that New Mr beautiful Twink lad with the mallet and finger it up
his arse, leaving it a cummy fucking mess for the lads to fuck!! 😜 😈
@ 14:36 the party gets crashed by the mob Josh, Reece, and quite a few others -
We left a bit of us partying on - I don’t know why - we just thought u might wanna
see it

There’s this boy I want you to meet ❤ - he’s always off cam normally - SO SO
WORTH IT - Trust Me

REALLY STUNNING lad called Jamie who’s been doing some really lovely
drawings 🎨 and paintings 🖼 of us looking to exploring our sexuality, or
He looks like an angel 😇 from heaven
He’s even kindly offered to help us with some filming in the future :))))

Absolutely Drop dead gorgeous Rick -
he’s got this Solid 8.5Inch dick out,😋
his ‘porn’ name is actually ‘Ricky Hard’ on Shitter too - (says it all) LOL
He’s really Handsome! Right sleazy fuckka too - loves barebacking - his slogan is
“im never soft’ - he’s not lying either - u wanna see the look on is face when he
lays eyes on this STUNNING flawless Twink who we are calling Mr K
💯 % beautiful lad - oozing with personality - EVERYONE was making a big deal
outta him - his got the hottest sexy hair cut too - just like Josys - a mallet
TBF I thought the young Twink was going to flake out on us and not turn up and
then when he did I thought he Wasn’t going to be that sexual - BUT I WAS
WRONG _ They SANDWICH THEM, taking turns on there ares’s
The lads are on top of each other in like a sandwich getting fucked up the arse by
that pre cum leaking barebacker
🥪 The sandwich was invented in Britan, 1723 in by Mr sandwich in Sandwich who
LOVED FUCKING two lads on top of each other and called it a sandwich 🥪 xx
Look at him sucking everyones dick - he couldn’t wait to get cock outta pants and
in his gob! Such a horny fuckka
Little Danny was there too another two lads before Reece N Josh turned up
Ricky starts face fucking that K lad mouth - his really going 4 it!
Its kinda a long story of how we got partying here ;) lol
we Borrowed ‘Austin Power’s shag pad’ Groovy Baby!