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Twisted, Real British Lads Horny as Fuck and Raw All the Time

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🤪 Crazy plan use ‘Squid games’ to pull unobtainable LADS WORKS! BB ORGY with STUNNING boy-racer 🚗

Scene Length: 35 minute(s)

Release Date: 2022-01-31


**READ BELOW - 100% TRUE**
SPUNK GAMES - getting the fittest guys

The Essesx CHAV lad EVERYONE wants to fuck 😈
His super SUPER HOT 🔥 man...the real deal
Meet: FIT boy racer 🚗 chav
His called ‘The Real Essesx CHAV’
EVERYONE wants to fuck Him - His super SUPER HOT man

Squid games 📺 is the flats new obsession now - everyday I wake up to Some
either watching squid games or playing Abba ‘keen an eye on dan’ LOL

THE PLAN Ok - so yes theres another plan LOL
Me and josh are always coming up with new plans to pull more boys HAHA
Like the 🎤 interviewing at prides 🌈 thing
Or the kiss cam 😗 challenges etc
This time we are thinking
To use squid games as a big prop thing to pull unobtainable lads❗ -then we
could get guys, the ones that wouldn’t normally do vids or the REALLY fit ones
`that only wanna film 4 there fan sites’ and stuff -
So, the thinking is we can get hotter, non approachable lads by saying “oh we
have ‘casted’ you in the perfect role”

✏ And think about it, loads of lads would luv to be like apart of a proper
shoot things like that, especially if there fans of the show!
So we gotta::
1) ✍ Get squid game outfits
2) ✍ Message lads on Twitter, PornHub - Add Pictures of outfits made to messages
3) ✍ Invite lads to ‘official shoot’
4) ✍ Film lads doing squid games - Hopefully kiss and maybe a bit more with lads
if up 4 it! 😜

Good Plan ! Its going to work this one I can tell.

AND AS IF BY MAGIC - We find quite a few...’The Real Essesx CHAV’ OMG- EVERYONE
wants to fuck Him - His super SUPER HOT man...the real deal

We found him online and he was well up4 the idea! 100% GEN !!
Our idea has worked

Oh and GUESS WHO ❓ we managed to get back and REALLY get helping out! That sexy
Artist boy Jamie 🤗 - we got him to do the outfits and come take pics 📸 on the
day !
HIS REALLY talented (not like that - I wouldn't know) LOL
(His SO FUCKING HANDSOME)- 💙 his Bristolian 🇬🇧 accent - SO CUTE
✏ Also this is our perfect time to invite lads who wanna 😷 mask-up 😷 and
not show there faces (I can’t tell you how many requests we get from guys
wanting to come fuck but hide there faces)
That hot Essesx lad said he loved the outfits from the show and was well keen to get meet up (such a good
Still, didn’t really know if he was going to turn up
When he pulled up in his pimped out car I knew This lads real special - Right boy racer 🚗 so chav its
unreal! WOW WOW WOW
In total there was 7️⃣ boys in orgy
4 Masked Tops Fuck 3 young prisoner contestant bottoms
All 3 lads going to get fuck get there arses out N bend over
18Yr beautiful Danny
That sexy young Hung Stuart bottom boy 😜 - really Sexy!
And This NEW LAD Clark😍 - we got him by ‘casting’ him for the role :)
WOOW! CRAZY HOT - LOVE that u can’t see who the guys are!
The TOP lads - of which theres 4 and taking turns on these lads arse’s
NOW - there just 1 lad - SO CUTE - SO SEXY - His got his pants pulled down and 3 guys holding his feet
behind his head and pinning him down whilst another 9“ top fuck 👿 away at his exposed naked arse- ALL