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Twisted, Real British Lads Horny as Fuck and Raw All the Time

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Breaking my record of how much I spunk in 1️⃣ Night 💦 Sexy Twink Danny

Danny Twink

Scene Length: 17 minute(s)

Release Date: 2022-03-22


Waking up in the middle of the night 🌃 Fucking horny little cunt - I pulled his
boxers down ⬇ , spit on my fingers 👉 shove them into his hole and fuck that
Danny boi !!
✅ REAL lads
✅ REAL sex - his real name is Danny - he’s genuinely up 4 fucking everyone
Here :
Thats his Shitter profile - he will make u cum in minutes❗
Read below to see just how up 4 it he is:
Sex mad cute lad spends the night round ours and fucked rotten - Creampie
Im fucking him all night long and you know me guys - I can really cum quite a few
times !
Oh and its not just in his arse 😈
Me and this horny sex mad little fuckka work on my record (which is 8 times btw)
for the amount of times I can fuck and spunk in 1 night!
💧 Yeah this is by far the most amount of cum I’ve ever shot in 1 session💧
And we got most of it on film 4 you too 👀
I think what made it hotter then most is that we didn’t have anyone els there filming
us - in fact the flat 🏠 was completely empty
AARRR - I woke up him him pressing his bum right into my waist 📐
We had left the cam right next to us (I kinda had a feeling this would be happening)
The footage 📸 is a bit grainy at first because its dark N stuff but its fucking horny
AS Fuck watching it because it’s REAL - I LUV 🥰 fucking him knowing my
spunk’s already up his arse - AND LOTS OF IT
It’s as wet as an ocean up there!!
Im doing him on his side flip him over and start fucking him face down - such a
tight arse on him and he’s begging for it -
Half way though we stick the lights 💡 on and I put him on the floor - u can proper
see my dick going in and outta his smooth arse! FUCKING WELL HOT we both
love it 🅱 🅱 and I shot quite a few time up his arse, I cum in his mouth AND I cum
on my fingers and finger it up his arse as well 😈

He’s drenched in cum! This boy left the flat the next day with over 💦 10
💦 up his arse (no lie) LOL
Ive got hard writing this again and going to have another wank now..... LOL
Danny is not only one sexy lad but he's 💯 % family to us now - he’s moved in and
living with us!!
I know you will like him, just promise me you won’t fall in love coz he’s a right heart
breaker ❤️ (without knowing it)
Oh if you wanna meet up with him then his Shitter profile is
This lad comes with a ⚠ WARNING⚠
I’ll only say it once - Don’t go falling in love with him - his not that type of boy - he
really just wants to suck on dick and play with your cum -- he will fuck you for
FREE - he’s absolutely gagging for it ❤️