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Twisted, Real British Lads Horny as Fuck and Raw All the Time

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ABSOLUTE STUNNER Fortnite Fan No limits fucked all night N takes strangers cum 4in1film 😲

Alexis Scott / Hung Young Brit / Joshy Boy

Scene Length: 34 minute(s)

Release Date: 2022-04-11


⚠ WARNING⚠ Disturbing Content❗ contains EXTREME CUM PLAY
💉 a tube with a nozzle full of spunk & 6 Fresh LOADS shot up Cute-As-Fuck 18yr
❌ we advise U DO NOT watch unless your ready to cum multiple times❌

Here is where you can see the SPUNK at:
✅ 11 mins
✅ 17 mins
✅ 18 mins
✅ 19 mins
✅ 22 mins
✅ 28 mins
✅ 29 mins
✅ 33mins
✅ 24 mins

!!! This Movie is Crazy !!! 🤯
Its 4 movies in one but we are releasing it as 1 clip, real mega giveaway - we were
fucking all night long🌓 and I end up coming up him so many times- I would have
spilt this vid into two parts because its super long but I managed to upload it it as

18yr, Cute Fortnite fan 🕹 - we met online gaming, was playing duos’s on Fortnite
and when we saw our gaming tag, which of course is HungYoungBrit, he sent us
some DM’s asking to meet! HAHAH - so NUTTS!!!

Im not going to lie, I thought this boy wouldn’t be ‘my cup of tea’🫖 - he looks too
young and innocent (we got his ID btw) and looks like he wouldn!t have a clue
what to do in bed 🛌 HOW WRONG WAS I -
His name is Josh (real name btw - yet another Josh, we are on Josh no. 25 now)
and his sexual behaviour is FUCKING OUTRAGEOUS - Never met ANYONE who
was more gagging 4 it - his words to me was “I want as my cum shot up my
arse by you and your mates as you can give”

SPUNKIN in him N fucking him with dildo
We r talking on the sofa and he reaches for my nob and With his hoodie on, starts
wanking me off and gets is cute mouth over my dick I reach round and stick my
hands down his trackies 😈
Love feeling his lips round my bell end
sucking it, im so turned on I could cum like there n then as im spiting on my finger
☝ to feel his hole, I notice how fucking smooth it its and my dick gets even harder
Its like a few minutes before im Barebacking him
🥵 He comes and sits on my dick and rides it, I know im going to cum soon coz im
SO TURNED ON- I put him legs in the air and give it to him RAW
Then quickly bend him over to fuck him like that too,
In the end im doing him with his face to the floor laying down and as I pull out ya
see Im cumming 💦 bucket loads over his arse and quickly stick it back in!!!
Then I fuck it up him with a dildo😈
This lad begs for more cum and more people to fuck him - crazy horny man

Pumping him full of Randoms cum 100% Legit!
OMG so we are chilling up stairs and I was telling him about how dirty I am and
about The really naughty vids we made in the past where guys send them cum 💧
into us in the mail 📮 (really I has hinting to 👀 if he would be up 4 that sort of
And he fucking was as well❗ you can hear it all on cam 100% gen normal regular
footage of of chilling n talking and remember I got that
giant cum 💧 plunger 💉 that I had in my bed room with others lads spunk in??
Well went and got it to ‘show him’ and tell him how I wanted to fuck someone up
the arse with it and before we know what’s what, im fucking sticking that up his
arse and pushing other randoms cum into him
⭐ (I have added the actual cum scenes of people coming into that thing btw) ⭐
we cant help it, We 💙 Cum-Play, especially when we don’t know who’s cum it
is....and we like to use it as lube to fuck lads in the arse

⚠ WARNING⚠ - THIS FOOTAGE IS NOT FAKE - YES we really do play with
nameless strangers cum in this house, pls don’t judge us, its our job to do this LOL
(yeah right! Thats our excuse and were sticking to it HAHA)
After pumping that syringe (💉 a tube with a nozzle full of spunk💉 ) into this boys
arse I cant help but rim the fuck outta him - im rock hard AGAIN and start fucking
With all them other dudes cum, best sex in the world, im too horny BUT this time I
hold his gob open and squirt my LOAD 💦 into his open mouth and fuck my dick
in there!

A strangers cums to spunk in him
We r down stairs in the bedroom and im fucking his smooth hole again, so honry
knowing all that cums 💦 up there!
Ive told my mate about him, he didn’t wanna be on him but said he would cum 💦
and ‘lend a load’ in his arse too - and he does ⭐ My mate pops in ⭐ get his dick
out and within in seconds his close to cumming, you cant see his face but that
makes it even hornier.
😍 Sexy young Twink Joshyy (with two YY’s) is holding his own arse open 😍
ready to receive my pals spunk 💦 my mates shoots 💦 a HUGE FUCKING LOAD
and push’s his dick up him before handing him over to me to use.... I start fucking
him one AGAIn and am so fucking horny I cum 💦 YET AGAIN 💦 all over and up
his arse


🥇 A HYB classic 🥇 we give this the Bareback- cum-play- seal of approval🏆
No limits - finally we found someone to take them loads up his ares
(We have his ID by the way)
By the way this brit boys got a big old dick on him as well.... He wants to be apart
of our gang and we ant saying
GET THIS VIDEO NOW... you will not be disappointed✔
OMG this boy is the cutest lad we have EVER met so so adorable
He stayed round the flat all night and we were at it like rabbits 🐰
Such a horny fucker! We can’t believe our luck