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Twisted, Real British Lads Horny as Fuck and Raw All the Time

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** FREE FULL VID ** Winner of GRABBYS Europe Awards 2022 - Best Feature-Length Movie!!! Part 1

Hung Young Brit / Jafar / Jake Ryder / James Dean / Joshy Boy / Luke Lewis / Reece Mckenzie

Scene Length: 41 minute(s)

Release Date: 2022-04-27


*Thank You SO SO MUCH for voting for this vid to win Best Feature Movie at 2022 Grabbys Porn Awards
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😱 WOW - THIS IS THE ONE GUYS- This is the Party to end all parties😱
This is like nothing we have filmed before
crazy 12 guy Orgy in Manchester gets well out of hand! I blindfold and pump out
on the internet and getting him shagged raw by horned up manchester
“Free Fuck - Any cum Taken” was our slogan online
The cutest sexiest Scotish boy I’ve ever seen turned up-
So so cute, blond and an absolute Slut- he wanted to get fucked by everyone but
there was just too many people for his arse
There wasn’t 1 but 3 absolutely slutty 10/10 stunning bottoms who couldn’t
get enough RAW dick

Next time make sure you come....
His got a heavy Scot accent too which makes it hotter
OMG - this is CRAZY- this random guy from social Media tears he boxers open to
get to him and fuck him one!🥵
They were so sex mad It’s one of the horniest things over ever seen and I’m use to
the bloody sand dunes of gran can.
We all take turns on these sexy lads
It was a proper party 🥳 everyone was drinking
You know it’s not a Chem Sex party when there’s kettle chips. LOL😝
More guys kept arriving - it was getting really busy!
We had to turn people away
My mates are like me there not fussy- we’ll invite Very average looking guys-
we are not precious we are up 4it with anyone as long as u dump it in us on cam!
Then we’ll fuck you
Everyone there ended up fucking that cute twink - We all had our pricks up his
arse. He stayed blindfolded throughout not know who was shagging him next (his
idea, not mine BTW) lol
Normal looking guys doing sexy lads
✔ 110% GENUINE- WATCH us go online and pull guys- all shot in REAL time - no
fake bullshit
Be a fly-on-the-wall and 👀 us get fucking crazy with the whole of manchester!!!
The apps where going crazy- so many people wanted to come round 🤯
I hold open the arse of the blindfolded lad and suck the dicks that are about to go
up there, he so wanted to be offered out to the general public

Everyone wanted the 19yr American boy- they couldn’t wait till someone had
finished to jump on and get there dick in there after

2 of the randoms were fucking him over n over - they didn’t know each other but
were like raptors Jumping on him🥵
then the one with the fatter dick pulls out and without notice spunks a massive
unexpected load over cute boys back and without asking wanks it right up his arse
Then the next guy get in there 🙊
Everywhere the cam gos there’s just more lads fucking somewhere
This polish bloke turned up (I think his Polish) and I got it on with him on the
top of the stairs and he well badly wanted to fuck me but I’m actually more top
these days (stop laughing)
You know me I LOVE OLDER GUYS -so didn’t matter about me being a top he just
went ahead and fucked his big 8” nob in me
It’s so good watching it back - he puts my legs in the air and in front of all my
mates spunks it in my arse leaving my arse FULL OF CUM -
110% ALL REAL And this is just the first half❗
The party was ALL FUCKING - there’s not a dull moment and it went on all night
There’s way to much to describe in this vids so I’ll just say this
IF YA LIKE 110% Authentic HOMEMADE sex party tapes then get this clip guys