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Twisted, Real British Lads Horny as Fuck and Raw All the Time

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BEST LOOKING 💯 Authentic TEEN Chav LOADED😈 6 lads AfterParty creampied

Hung Young Brit / Jake Ryder / Reece Mckenzie / Ronnie English / Taylor Mason / Trent Benz

Scene Length: 69 minute(s)

Release Date: 2022-06-01


!!!! The hornist moment of my life caught on cam !!!!
HOT-AS-FUCK British lad - REAL HomeMade🎥 sex Party
Stupid o’clock 5AM After Party🎉 Back in our room
💯 % natural -REAL Fly-On-The-Wall - see how we REALLY party
I proper poke my willy round this SEXY AS HELL ‘TOP ONLY’ British teens bum
until it finally accidentally slips in 😈 Bareback! 😈 ....ARRRR SO HOT
U have been warned⚠ - this Video come with a heath Warning⚠ - serious RISK
of broken heart syndrome by ST8 acting Chav-
Hung as fuck 100% authentic Chav pulled at awards
💯 % REAL Fly-On-The-Wall - see how we really party 💯 % REAL RAW footage
💯 % Unedited
💯 % Unscripted
We have left this video completely unedited -my fiends said it Was too good to cut
up - Theres not a dull moment
You get to see👀 how we work our magic on this lad to get his clothes off and
then to make him a bottom! HAHA and u will hear just how naughty my pals are

♨ The Main Night Saturday night After we just won our award 🥇
(thanks 4 the votes BTW)
‘Best Feature Film’ Reece was over the moon 🌙 and proper on-one
🔅 OMG wait till you see this lad ! ! so so stunning words cant describe
HE is the MOST Credible, rightful CHAV we have ever met.... And ya can tell
EVERYONE fancy's him💜 - listen to how Reece me, Ronnie and Jake are all
trying to get in his pants! LOL 😂
This video is 1Hr 9 mins long - but we left the lot in there because we want u to 👀
how we PARTY

Nothing about us is staged ! Sadly we really are the people we make out to be
(sadly) lol BUT its amazing unedited - u wanna hear the things these lads say!
HAHA We will say anything to get a lad in bed.LOL
We are obviously a bit tipsy🥃 because we were just on stage n stuff and it had
been a really long day/night so
🎱 Me,
🎱 Reece,
🎱 Jake (Chavy Scally),
🎱 Ronnie English,
🎱 Talor Mason
🎱 This NEW 19yr CHAV TEEN
🎱 JBsketch (Jamie the Artist, he was filming ONLY)
Were all back in our room and one thing just led to another - we didn’t set out to
do filming 🎞 but this British Lad was just TOO GOOD LOOKING
💥 Everyone was wanting him and we were all perving over
Reece was REALLY wanting to see inside this boys pants too so the easiest way of
us doing that was just to stick the camera on and proper get in peoples face’s lol

The lad was up 4 it - Its funny you can hear👂 me, Jake and reece all proper
perving and talking about this lad as his taking his clothes off and then the big
surprise !!!
Its really fucking Big and SO SO FAT! Mate this guy is just absolutely amazing ✔

Its funny, when he gets his prick out EVERYONE is screaming and really making a
big deal out of it- so much so that we wake 💤 Ronnie English up who’s having a
nap in the bed and he wheels♿ himself in to take a look for himself
(obviously Ronnie has a 13” nob so ❌ ono one to date has a bigger willy then him
Oh and BTW EVERYONE was so excited to see Ronnie English again - his not
quite ready to get ‘hands on’ but as soon as he is he knows his always got a place
with us x x x

We are slightly messing around in the video - thats because it wasn’t meant to be a
‘porn vid’ we literally went back to the hotel room to carry on getting trashed and
celebrating🏆 winner at the show
🍋 I promise you thats what happened and it all just got carried away - u can see
and hear for yourself- I think these are the 🔥 vids TBF!

Reece, who recons his now retired from videos - soon comes out of retirement for
this HOT AS FUCK British lad 😝
Then things turn seriously HOT when me and this Big Dicked Chav decide to both
bareback N cum in Sweet little Taylor😈
We all take turns on Taylors arse - this fit little 24yr who’s got the sexiest bum
Our new Top Teen (19) mate wanted to Fuck him too, his a total 🔝 (apparently,
wait to u hear what happens???)
Its fucking filmed 📹 PERFECTLY - Gr8 lighting, Gr8 angels,
We take turns fucking his gob n butt swapping as we go - u can hear my mates in
the background LOVIN it!
💜 !!!!The hornist moment of my life caught on cam!!!! 💜
......Everyone was smoking 🚬 fags outside and it was just me and the sexy
Brit boy on the sofa (u remember, the ‘🔝 ONLY’ lad) when no one is looking, one
bareback N cum in Sweet little Taylor thing leads to another and u see👀 me spilt on my fingers, wet💦 up my prick
then suddenly im 🅱 🅱 fucking that boy right in the arse,
🔥 AAAARRRRRR 🔥 🖼 PICTURE THIS ....Legs in air, nothing on but his sexy 👟
trainers and his massive 9” rock hard dick bouncing all over the place

But half way though I get TOO FUCKING HORNY (u know me guys) start pushing
it up that cute chavs arse SUPER FAST! (u know it doesn't take me long to cum💦
at all!!!!)
I proper fuck the shit outta him on the sofa 🛋 legs in the air 👟 YOU CAN SEE
Then I turn that sexy little cunt on his side and proper poke my willy round his bum
until it finally slips in😈 😜 - as im fucking him I feel myself getting SO SO CLOSE
I just cant hold off like other people can - when I wanna cum💦 , I just cum💦 !
and then thats it I just start cumming 💦 (all unplanned) right over N up that cute
twinks hole!
ITS FUCKING EPIC!!!! His arse is left so spunky 💧 and u see me slip my cummy
finger deep in that boys bum
*****By far this is the BEST VIDEO I think ive ever shot*****
Mainly because what takes place all happens naturally
Its so fucking filthy - u can see how much he was into it too which really makes it

With his arse full of my cum drop💧 that Tent lad then starts barebacking little
Taylor 😍
His really fucking going 4 it- push’s his legs in the air and is really given him one

🚦 HIS really reved up and obviously that spunk💧 hanging out his hole turns him
on well bad because he pulls that 9” perfect shaped cock out and cream-pies 😈
all over our bottom boys bum- theres cum EVERYWHERE sorry.....theres NO FUCKING WAY im not licking that boys cum outta
taylors arse man!!!
I wanted that sexy 19yr st8 acting lads cum in my mouth 👄 so
bad and if I have to lick it out of a spunky hole then thats just what im going to
♨ Smelling cum oozing outta that lads bum sends me over the edge- I start 🅱 🅱
fucking Taylor AGAIN but this time with Trents LOAD in his ass and immediately im
Spunking ANOTHER load💦 in that cute little fuckka

JB Sketch is filming it (such a strange lot in my room, was over 6 lads there).lol
That JB sketch boy won’t get involved - he really does just wanna do his art 🖌
BUT I could tell the way he was looking 👀 at these massive Dicks in the room he
wanted it too, I was really respectful though and didn’t go there....this time HAHA

There was Cum everywhere- we were fined 100 euros💶 from the hotel due to the
amount of Cum, Shit and piss up the walls - couldn't make it up!
This is a classic HYB non-prepared, non-acted REAL life video- none of us knew
we were going to be filming - no one was expecting
That HOT AS FUCK British scally lad to be up 4 it!!
These make the best vids

Wording at end