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Twisted, Real British Lads Horny as Fuck and Raw All the Time

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Rough Raw Gritty footage 3 lads cumming@🍾 FULL-ON HOUSE PARTY🍾

Reece Mckenzie / Trent Benz

Scene Length: 25 minute(s)

Release Date: 2022-07-31


** This footage is BRILLIANT - Very Rough Very Raw, Very Gritty 100% REAL and
FULL OF CUM - I cant stop wanking to it!😈
I know we have already celebrated the queens 70 year on the thrown but Its
PARTY time (again)
So we decided to have a proper 🍾 FULL-ON HOUSE PARTY🍾
EVERYONES INVITED with absolutely no exceptions
In hindsight I think next time lets just have an orgy type party🍺 like we do at
prides but I was trying to keep things....well slightly more together

Thew the night there was lot of fucking! U can hear it going on all over lol
BUT .....Its now 7AM - everyones either gone home, passed out upstairs or
When I go in the bedroom. I see Reece and Trent getting it on -
100% REAL genuine Footage - ALL OF IT
I wasn’t really horny, I don’t really know what happened but suddenly im filming
them 2!!
Filmed in a ‘homemade’ style - reece and trent try N film each other
Them two are having problems getting hard (because of the party)
So its really laid back but they don’t stay soft for long 😈 because Reece is well
into that chavy lad Trent
❌ This is not ya typical upload❌
non of this was planned and so its a bit messy at first .lol
but its VERY RAW and has a great REAL LIFE feel to it
We have left as much of that in as we can so you can get to see how we really
Party🎶 - who knows maybe one day u will be at the parties with us xx
Im trying to help them by holding the cam (or phone)📱

Ive got this real Perverted look on my face 😡 and before I know it ive got my index
finger right inside Reece’s ares🐖 - it feels weird - not weird - twisted somehow
having sex with Reece, maybe coz we have know each other so long - but when
your mates who gotta pretend to not fancy each other - but this party was quite
epic and here we are....
Then I really start going 4 it now Reece’s arse 🅱 🅱 Like big time ITS SO HORNY -
I love watching it back - maybe coz I find it so twisted (remember thats kinda my
brothers ex)

✅ I shoot my load over Reece’s dick and proper wipe my cum💦 all over him to
get really dirty and he tells Trent to bend over and fucks Trent in the arse with it- he
then pulls out , grabs my spunky dick, wipes more cum💦 from my dick onto his
before fucking it back up treats arse😈 !!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH 😍
Then... I just fuck off.. and leave them to it
🐷 Reeec’e has got this 19yr lad standing in front of my mirror and Barebacking
him one
They film themselves on there phones fucking each other with my cum!!! ITS
I don’t know where I went or what I did after - I think I just passed out up stairs
Then the footage goes BRILLIANT - Very Rough Very Raw, Very Gritty
Trent is left then holding his cheeks apart and Reece literally 💦 SHOOTS THE
cute lads arse
**This Video is REALLY DIFFERENT to our normal style - I think ya going to like it
because its very REAL (bit too Real) LOL pls don’t judge us xx we was at a party
tbf LOL x x x