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Twisted, Real British Lads Horny as Fuck and Raw All the Time

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💦 Cum splattered face N Arse Teen-“Get Cum DNA Forensic light 🔦 on him”

Danny Twink / Trent Benz

Scene Length: 11 minute(s)

Release Date: 2022-09-09


Get that UV light out! 💡 - we wanna See all the invisible Cum over this cute little
horny fuckers face! An fucked up his arse🧬
Its 🤏 fingered up bum-hole, LOADS spilling from his hole

"We look for the evidence🔦”
OMG we are SO HORNY!
Ive set the cam up on the room and you can hear
That Trent is Such a good looking boy with a ‘deep voice’
Lets get that Cute little joshyy 💦 LOADED UP🥵
His sucking on That Trent Nob, when you see Trent give me the ‘eye’ to Ju8mp on
that Joshyys arse which is poking out in the Air at me
Then im proper licking him out N wanking - Its such a beautiful slight 👀
I lay next to the lads and just keep wanking whilst Trent goes 4 Joshyys arsehole.
Pushing his fingers 🤏 first tin then then spitting on his dick and slipping it up him
Suddenly you hear me say
“if ya keep licking there then ya going to make me cum we’ll quick, I wouldn’t
do that’

BUT the CUM-Whore Joshyy GOES CRAZY🤪
Just the mention of the word ‘CUM’ and you can see his reaction
he was absolute desperate 4 my cum to be fucked up him😈
OMG - OMG Just look at when his sucking my prick at my view of that smooth
bum WOW!🙀
Im so fucking turned on - I know its getting too close to call off now.....
Then we all start talking dirty and I say ....”look if I have to cum now, say I do it
over ya arse”
and TRENT goes mental - proper starts pushing his fingers🤏 up
that cute 18yr hot hole
“Im going to cum josh, Im going to cum” and josh still with Trents fingers
pushed inside leans forward so his front on the bed and with me
Screaming and leaning over his arse AND STILL Trent has got half his hand🤏 up
his arse- WOW - Then BIGGEST Cum ive EVER SHOT in my LIFE!
*** It does look really good tbf***
This Young lad is left with My cum in his arse and Trents cum all over his gob
Is this young JoshYY as filthy as he makes out?
Lets look at the evidence with our new toy!
Get that UV light out! 💡

** UPDATE **
🛋 Happy new sofa day 🛋
We have donated our Old sofas to a charity shop 😧
And we Have got new sofas now so u will no onager have to look 👀 at them
horrible brown things -
🔦 OMG u wanna see the amount of lads cum in them chairs 🔦
Its proper nuts - we did tell the shop that they need a slight wash LOL