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Twisted, Real British Lads Horny as Fuck and Raw All the Time

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Adorable Aussie Arse vs 2x British Horse-cocks

Benny B / DJ / Jaxon James

Scene Length: 43 minute(s)

Release Date: 2022-09-29


George was away & Jamie and Josh take control of HYB for a day!! What could possibly go
wrong?? XD

Jamie got dressed up all nice, he proper fancied that beautiful twink. He came all the way from
AUSTRALIA to see us!! 🇦🇺 He must be our No.1 FAN lol.

We were messing about with that boy when they both arrived at once nearly. We were giggling like
schoolgirls; so buzzing to have everything to ourselves for once. We answered the door and it was
a HENCH ginger lad 👨 & a handsome brunette. Dan and Dan. Everyone in this country has the
same names I swear to god

Two SCALLY British men and a tiny twink from down under? Can’t imagine a more horny situation

Don’t know why Jamie bothered dressing up cause he only went and took off his shirt 😆

Don’t know why George trusted us! We was all sat chattin about spiders and random shit and
nearly forgot what we were there for XD Until that ginger took off his shirt 🎽 with no warning.
Such a beautiful body!! And his cock! 🍆 OMG ⚠ Choking hazard alert!! ⚠

Before we knew it everyone in the room got their kit off; three ginormous nobs on display. Until
they ended up in each others’ mouths of course lol

Scratch what we said before about the choking cuz the Aussie boy gobbled It down ALL THE
WAY without flinching - that lad has a gob like a cave, everyone rammed their cocks in it and he
sucked and sucked and sucked. Such a good boy!

Everyone went down on everyone 4 that matter! Not a dry willy in the room: especially not us two,
we were precumming in our pants ;)

Next thing, Brown haired dan was gorging on Ginger’s horse cock 🐎 when he absentmindedly
sat down on it as though it were a park bench. It went right up him and no hesitation. We were
wrong, Aussie wasn’t the only bottom slut, HE WAS TOO! Cuz he moved on to HIS next.

When that was done, Aussie boy wanted to try topping so he timidly slid his willy in ginger Dan.
He did a pretty good job considering it’s not his forte, think he was surprised at how awesome it
felt judging by the noises he made x

💦 In the end he let loose a mad jet of cum all over his arsehole. It was so hot that it made other
Dan nut as well - CUM ABSOLUTELY EVERYWHERE!! So jeal 💦

Overall, not bad for a day at the office. Will be quite sad when George gets back :(