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Twisted, Real British Lads Horny as Fuck and Raw All the Time

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REAL Late 🌒 Cruise in Wales 🏴 Chav’s Arsehole WRECKED RAW N Spunky 💦 in woods

Danny Twink / Jake Ryder / Reece Mckenzie / Tim Gottfrid

Scene Length: 44 minute(s)

Release Date: 2022-10-29


Scottish Chav’s Arsehole (and Dignity) WRECKED by European Towercock in Cardiff Woods 🌲
🇺🇦 Ukraine vs Scotland 🏴 (In Wales)
💦 Spunky 💦 as fuck arse hole fucked over n over by members of the public! RAW 😈

WE take the 🇺🇦 10” Ukrainian to his 1st EVER Cruise

OMG ! U wanna see how much this lad pumps CUM up Reece’s arse! After being fucked 4 Hrs
indoors and out by that MASSIVE cock!

First Night in Cardiff before PRIDE! Never been in such a massive house!! 🏠 And it was full to the
brim with Hung Young Brits

Reece was trying to be all macho and manly! He was stalking the corridors looking for a fight. Felt
like we were in The Shining! He used to be a kickboxer and wanted us all to know it 🥊 he even
started punching Jake’s bare arse 🍑

He was getting on our nerves so we shoved him under the bed 🛏

Danny took pity on him though and let him out. Wish he hadn’t cause he turned it into an all-
singing all-dancing musical. 🕺 His dancing wasn’t that bad but can’t say the same for his
trumpet skills 🎺

Tim, the Ukrainian 🇺🇦 didn’t seem to mind it though. I don’t know if I believe in love at first sight,
but just look at Reece’s his face!! He is SO IN LOVE ❤ ! Yeah most prob with that big nob.LOL

We’d been there for 3 hours and no-one had gotten fucked yet! That has to be a record..
So FUCK IT! Let’s go to the cruising area. It was right by where we were, what are the chances? ;)

😈 Everyone tagged along and sucked strangers’ dicks as you do 😈 But them two were only
bothered about each other. With a cheeky smile, quiet, effeminate Tim rammed his gigantic cock
into him. He’s a dark horse, that one 🐎 Reece acts like he’s tough as nails but even he couldn’t
handle it. He was crying like a baby!! 😭

We were at it for hours! And eventually went home to bed. Except for them two lovebirds that is
🐦 ❤ Considerate of them to go in the back room cause those noises would’ve woken up the
whole house! XD

Tim pummelled him over and over, re-arranging all his guts till it started to get light outside. Most
tops would hesitate when causing manic screams like a pig 🐷 but not the Ukrainian! The louder
he shrieked the harder he went, and he was giggling the entire time. Think he might be a bit of a
sadist lol

All round the room, over the cooker 🎛 on the floor and even suspended in mid-air over the back
stairs!! God knows how they managed that lol. He lasted for ages!! Even he has his limits though.
His insides felt too good, he just had to cum! He pulled out and creamed all over his hole 💦 🕳
And, no surprise, he went for a round two x

Poor Reece, only the first night there and we already have an anal injury.
He said he was left walking like a cowboy... whatever that means lol
PRIDE tomorrow! Let’s see how many fit lads we can bring back ;)

🇺🇦 Ukraine 1-0 Scotland 🏴