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Twisted, Real British Lads Horny as Fuck and Raw All the Time

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DIRTY DANCING πŸ”₯ Real DEEP throat VS a merciless cock spanking in a blond arseπŸ‘

Luke Catton / Polite Boy London

Scene Length: 15 minute(s)

Release Date: 2022-11-08


Went around to Georges to feed the cat and my mates just started going at it. What the hell
should I do?! πŸ“Ή

Luke was so HUNGRY he quickly grabbed this blond bubble butt πŸ‘ for himself - he was not
only eating @politeboylondon with his hands and HARD dick, but also with his πŸ‘„ - their kissing
was something VERY hypnotic! Damm, I want it!!!!πŸ‘€

They quickly settled on the couch - their chemistry set the room on πŸ”₯SO FAST - just giving me
time to turn on the camera - I ended up forgetting what I was going to do lol

You want a real DEEP THROAT? You GOT IT! He was sucking with his eye's closed, giving all
his best for Luke's FAT and WET dick! What a good service!!!πŸ’ͺ

This cute blond boy has so many sexual attributes - Luke's face went from a status of
you can tell that he's experienced a new level of pleasure - thanks to that velvety and skillful
mouth! 😈

πŸ”₯This naughty boy is AMAZINGπŸ”₯
YEAH, they were just starting HAHAHA

"I need you to FUCK ME!" he said while he took of his clothes. He just wants to be fed cum SO
MUCH! Like a nervous 🐴 he straddled Luke's dick, dancing back and forth with enormous strength for
a skinny boy - I told about his skills. Luke just stretched out his arms and relaxed inside that
arse while the blond boy did all the job...but of course...ONLY for a while - It was Luke's
time to show his attributes!πŸ“

A GAME CHANGER! Luke took him in his arms, put him on the floor and gave him a merciless
cock spanking - fucking him in the arse so hard ❗ - a DIRTY DANCING lol

He fucks him 🅱🅱 while kissing, turning that body from side to side, on the floor, on the table,
gripping the boy's hip SO HARD it felt like he was going to explode inside him. Did he?
Oh yeah, but not before he could make that blond boy cum with his dick inside of him! πŸ’¦
There was cum all over the place! What a HOT BB fuck!!!

I guess it's just the vibs of the SEX HOUSE!😈