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Twisted, Real British Lads Horny as Fuck and Raw All the Time

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Igor Lucius / Zayne Bright

Scene Length: 25 minute(s)

Release Date: 2022-11-18


Don’t you think the curly haired lad in this vid looks like the boy from ‘Call Me By Your
Name’? That film has enough sex in it as it is but we wanted to put our own HYB twist on it ;)

He’s an American country boy named Zayne, all the way from the wilderness of Missouri. 🇺🇸
We might need to change our name if we keep getting boys from so far afield. Not that it
matters, cause just look how adorable he is!!! 🥰

He’s hanging out with Igor! Handsome, hench and covered in tattoos. These two went mad
for each other 😍

We were playing that Dirty Minds game. Don’t think they could be arsed putting the effort in
cause they were dying to get each others’ kit off! After a minute they gave up and started
making out. Proper snogging they were with tongue and everything when Igor unexpectedly
ripped off his shirt 👕 and omg what an incredible body! Zayne started softly kissing his
nipples (must of been sensitive cause they were as erect as his cock was) and then each of
his abs one by one. Then he undid each of his trouser buttons, again, one by one. 👖

His penis was throbbing with ecstasy underneath those bright orange Calvins, 🩳 think it
was desperate for some fresh air. Not that it got any cause it went straight down that boy’s
gob. He caressed every inch of it, teasing it with his mouth as it got harder and harder;
kissing it, licking it, jerking it off. Defo his new favourite toy 😜

He shamelessly yanked off his hoodie exposing his bare torso for all to see. Not a single
hair on his chest with a gorgeous set of nips. Totally suckable and hard enough to cut a

Next thing they knew they were both lying bollock naked on the settee 🛋️ as though they
owned the place. Their tongues furiously battling for dominance. Not just in the traditional
way tho cause Ignor’s tongue 👅 was sliding its way around his boy-hole, poking it right
inside as though it was a second mouth XD

Once his butthole 💥 was moist and loose, he grabbed his big, juicy bellend and aimed it at

his target. And it was a bullseye! 🎯 The dilating walls of his passageway swallowed the
cock hole, wanking it off without a hand in sight. Zayne’s whole body was on top of him,
gyrating like a pogo stick, but Igor wanted to be the dom ;)

He pinned Zayne down, flung his legs in the air and dug into his meal 🍽. He was balls-deep
in him! Every millimetre of his penis surrounded by his loved one’s insides. His hips went
crazy, moving by themselves, while he passionately snogged him. Zayne wanted to moan in
ecstasy 🤪 but he couldn’t breathe for the relentless attack of his master’s mouth 👄 He
practically picked him and threw him over the desk.

Suddenly there was an earthquake! Magnitude 10!! Cause all the stuff on the table started
falling over. Not that they gave a shit! This was their territory now. To make all the love they
wanted. Zayne had never been so aroused in all his life. His willy was twitching with pure
pleasure. They’d only gotten started but he couldn’t resist a cheeky wank. He was
masturbating so hard and fast, all while having a massive wodger massaging his g-spot!
How could he not lose control?! Something was coming - and soon. The tickling in their
balls, the pulsating of their shafts and the vibrating of their heads. They couldn’t wait. Igor
emptied his balls into him, filling his innards to the brim with his sperm, not stopping fucking
for a second. 💦 Zayne finally erupted! a shower of hot thick semen escaped from his dick
and filled the air, raining down on his beautiful body!! 🌧️ Igor pulled out and a white waterfall
cascaded from his bum all over the floor! What a mess they both made! XD

I haven’t seen Call Me By Your Name in a long time but I don’t remember it being this
explicit. Not to brag but I think our version is a big improvement ;)
There needs to be more cumming in boys’ arses in LGBT movies! 🏳️‍🌈 Good representation
is important after all x