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Twisted, Real British Lads Horny as Fuck and Raw All the Time

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Filthy CumPlay Multi LOADS fucked in FIT boy+older CUMS INSIDE - No warning ⚠

Eloy López Torres

Scene Length: 32 minute(s)

Release Date: 2022-12-28


HOT AS FUCK Spanish 🇪🇸 Boy - The fittest guy EVER
So handsome - with Very footballer looks about him, a young Ronaldo
This sexy lad didn’t speak 🗯 much English and saying
“are u up 4 going to fuck a load of random guys in the dunes and let them cum💦
in your arse and spunk in your mouth then let me fuck you every time Someone
NEW has given you cum then I’ll fuck you with it”
📱 Wasn’t translating on ‘google translate’ very well 😅
so I had to kinda take him there and hope for the best. Lol

Going for a ‘walk’ around the sanddunes and
This one guy CUMS INSIDE him with - No warning ⚠ at all - REALLY HOT
OMG! This lads such a hot cocksucker
Got the cam 📹 above him and his sucking me off whilst the other guy is trying to
get in his arse with his fingers 🖕 - we keep ramming cock in his gob,
Then this older fat cocked guy Bends him over and stars poking his cock round
the young Spanish 🇪🇸 lads hole then fucks it in him RAW 😈 right there n then -
SO HOT im filming it
keep an eye out for the bit where this guy just fucking 💦 CUMS INSIDE - No
warning ⚠ - no saying “im close”.
just wanted to cum so badly he thought better ask for forgiveness then permission
....AARARAR We ❤ him 4 that!!!!!

On our tour we came across
These other group of 4 guys who tag him and feed him dick in the mouth n ares-
all waring cock rings! Real older SLEAZY types - ❤ my fav
More n more guys cum 💦 up to us as we are having a drink brake - this lad gets
sucking there nobs and is fucked by most of them
U know im right in there as well getting them dicks out! HA HA and im my mouth

OMG! This French guy in blue shorts💦 SPUNKS his cum 💦 in this lads mouth,
and I don’t think he knew what was coming next but I make him obviously spit it
all out - all over my fingers - he has no idea im about to fuck that up his arse,
we was on a fag brake and im still smoking OH YES!!! 🔥 BIGGEST TURN ON 🔥
I fuck it all up his arse!! And now he knows how dirty I am

Then the Beautiful lad is then fucked with other peoples cum that he himself has
sucked out of other guys dicks 💦
And he knows....oh yeah.....he knows every time he gets someone to shoot💦 in
his mouth exactly what im going to do with it ❗ ❗ make him spit it 😈 out and
fucking him with it😈
and it turns him into a sexually crazed lad -
🛑 he was just so up 4 me doing anything I wanted with him 🛑 - he said it turned
him on - all I kept thinking was lets get u used n SPUNKED in by everyone guy here

SO SO SO 🔥 2 see and be apart of - ❤ 2 bring out a lads dirty side!
Im just ‘The Wrong’ person to be given an offer like that - like im totally going to be
taken you to the nearest bunch of sleazy fuckers who are desperate 2 cum - and
get your arse wetted up 4 me to fuck
📹 The 5th group we join our lad starts sucking him off right away and within
minute he shoot THE BIGGEST FATTEST 💦 LOAD 💦 you have ever seen - all
over that cute boys face (i mean its fucking EVERYWHERE)
I make him spit the lot out again (and wipe the rest of his face) my hand ✋ is
covered - I finger it up him whilst rubbing it all over my dick as well😈
Its proper fucking filthy this video!
The Fittest lad with Multiple LOADS in his arse
He was so much fun, I really like him and he has been messaging me asking to
come and get really mad in London!