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Twisted, Real British Lads Horny as Fuck and Raw All the Time

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Ash / Ricky Hard

Scene Length: 27 minute(s)

Release Date: 2023-01-07


Ricky and Igor came over to check out Jamie and Josh’s new flat.🏠 Jamie took the
opportunity to show the lads some of his artwork 🎨 :) Everyone had a tour round the flat
and until the sexual tension inevitably hit lol

Ricky and Ash were sat on the settee 🛋when a very noticeable bulge started forming on his
crotch. Then their hands ‘accidentally’ slipped onto each other’s willies, whoops! Ash
whipped out Ricky’s manhood and casually slipped it into his mouth. 👄

What else was he supposed to do? Just let him wank off in front of all his mates? Friends do
favours for each other all the time. Don’t think he expected that, but hell, he was fucking
enjoying his tongue on his head 👅 He was desperate for a release. Think he’d forgotten his
morning wank that day.

That’s when we got the idea. He had a perfectly good arsehole he could use to satisfy
himself with. Ash wasn’t sure, he wasn’t used to having things up his bum, but he was willing
to give it a go.

They all stripped butt naked exposing themselves for all to see. They weren’t bothered
though, their mates had seen them in the nude before. Nervously, Ash bent over the settee
in his jock with his firm arse in the air ready to receive his mate. Such a cute little hole, but
so so tight. Ricky slid his tongue in and started swirling it around inside his pink little friend,
covering it in his spit and fingering it ☝ It was begging for a cock!!

Ricky was ROCK SOLID, he couldn’t wait anymore!! He went inside slowly but surely, so
considerate! Poor Ash, he could feel every painful inch more and more, but he looked
adorable the whole time 🥰 Jamie found this website that had over 1000 sex positions, so
we tried as many as possible to proper break his arsehole in for regular use ;)

1. Ash rode him so he could ease himself into it until his entire cock was submerged
inside him!! We were so proud he was doing so well ;)
2. Josh went to get some pillows so we could prob him up. Ricky grabbed hold of him
and spread his legs open at nearly a 180 degree angle and inches his way into him.
His arsehole swallowed him up bit by bit until he was in a whole new world of
pleasure!! Who knew his mate’s arse could feel SO GOOD ON HIS COCK?! Ash had
never felt anything like it, he was making all kinds of noises, but Ricky felt too good to
even think about stopping.
3. Both lads got on the floor! (Sometimes it’s the easiest way). Ricky arranged his boy
into a foetal position like he was nothing more than a doll and RAILED 🛤 him from
behind. He felt so dirty!
4. The twink lay face down, splattered on the ground as Ricky climbed on top of him,
slid his cock in and started furiously fucking him silly until he was blue in the face!!
5. Ricky lay flat on the ground this time while Ash absentmindedly SAT on his gigantic
cock as though it was an arm chair. 💺 His whole body started vibrating, going up
and down like a yoyo!! 🪀 Think he overdid it cause he couldn’t handle it anymore,
bless him :(

The bros thought they’d call it a day and just jerk off together. Oh well, it was a fun
experiment :) Still, using that beautiful arse as a fucktoy had sent him into a frenzy of
horniness!! Never seen anyone massage their cocks so fast! Absolutely dying to shoot their
shots!! They were sat there in Jamie’s living room doing what dudes do, TOTALLY NAKED!!

Ricky played with his willy until it went numb, of course he was first to bust a nut! 🥜 Jets of
creamy man-juice left his urethra and splattered all over his abs!! 💦 Ash was a bit
embarrassed after the day’s events so he went in the other room for a cheeky wank alone.
Kinda depressing but he didn’t care, it felt amazing, he was in heaven! He laid there on the
bed 🛏 not wearing a thing, stroking his cock. OMG his semen!! Right out of his penis and
onto his beautiful boyish body right up to his nipples. Ricky came in though and licked it
clean. Knew he wasn’t quite done with him yet lol

Overall, not bad for a first attempt. Didn’t get anywhere close to 1000 positions, but just you
wait, Ricky’s dong will turn Ash into a bottom slut one day!! He’ll definitely be going for a
round 2!