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Twisted, Real British Lads Horny as Fuck and Raw All the Time

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Beginner 18yr Coming-Of-Age junior Adult Babies 👶 practice fetish@ private HYB Villa party

Hung Pig / Jake Ryder / Maxence Angel / Maxx Little / Reece Mckenzie

Scene Length: 19 minute(s)

Release Date: 2023-02-16


Totally unashamed novice 18yr adult babies come to the HYB private 🌭 BBQ🥩
House Party and 💦 Spunks💦 Buckets
Beginner, kink Teens wanna explore their fancies with us
✈ I’m not making this shit up, turns out you can have young adult babies 👶
I have obviously heard of ‘adult baby’ kink but didn’t know young people would be
into it 🙀
But These two lads were truly god-like in there looks - really Guttsy, really cute🥹
The party 🎉 was proper crazy 🤪 - was about a hundred or so turned up which is
normal for us but not abroad
Was a BBQ 🍗 EAT, suck n fuck party🍔
Loads of people Was turning up in all sorts of fetish gear

WE TRY BEING ADULT BABIES 👶 well, we dressed Jake up as one of the babies
and putting him to bed🍼 HAHAHA 🤪 Proper funny !the lads were a good sport
🍆 Im not going to lie - I was kinda 👀 eyeing 👀 this boy up all night - and
chatting him up at times (remember he had his BF there and I didn’t know how
things stand between them. Like if there in an open relationship or not - HE’S
PERFECT this boy
I dont like lads too skinny - to me he’s an absolute dream come true - especially
that his American as well 😍
then .....Danny nicked him off me LOL -
I saw Danny pulling him into one of the bedrooms and though “oh fuck- there goes
my chance with him” but I didint wanna be uncool and go pushing in - that

I only know they got it on film coz I found the footage after

Frenchy is sucking off that Poz Pig guy HungPig (his got a massive dick btw)
Remember it’s ‘Fetish Week’ so you come accross all sorts going on there - I mean
who ever thought I would meet teenage babies .lol
He shoots a HUGE fucking load right over his face- proper 🔥

one of the boyfriend adult babies - he’s really hot actualy - really cute Twink boy
Dannys self filming 📹 LOOKS GR8
The boy goes “ah im going to cum, oh yeah open it” and then Dannys little gob
opens up and this cum is pumped, 💦 LOAD after💦 LOAD shot into little Dannys
open mouth - IT REALLY TURNS ME ON🥹 - he’s gorgeous, this lad is so
delightful & such a horny little shit - with his massive💧 load ❄
Our Danny is GAGGING 2 cum! U can tell - he’s getting wanked off by the
enchanting American boy -
They’re still discovering there sexuality and what there into - Very coming-of-Age
story - its quite cute really and im glad they felt comfortable enough to pratice
there sexuality around us and on 📸 film -they approached us - I dont even though
who they are - we met them there on hoilday in spain
Someone basically invited them off Grindr 📱 but they were defo there 4 Fetish
week - its suprising to see an 18 year old 🐣 being so open minded and wearing a
nappy (diaper) 🐣
*** I gotta say these lads were totally unashamed and owning there kink!!
I think thats quite Brave - bit different, but whatever floats ya boat that doesn't
hurt anyone im 1,000,000% behind - Well done lads

if ya want an invite just e-mail us
📅 We r going to have a ‘private’ party in GC form now on every trip so
and we will send u the details :)