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Twisted, Real British Lads Horny as Fuck and Raw All the Time

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GIGANTIC 🎃 Halloween 🏠 PARTY/SEX-Chillout 2x cute teens bottom for EVERYONE! 1oo% gen

Danny Twink / Hung Pig / Joshy Boy / Reece Mckenzie / Tim Gottfrid / Zack Stones

Scene Length: 35 minute(s)

Release Date: 2023-03-08


Private HYB Halloween Party 🎃
You know this by now! Hung Young Brit have the best parties 🎉 and this is no exception!!
👻Another GIGANTIC house🏠 and over 200 people in attendance!!
The place was crawling with fit lads in slutty halloween outfits,
THIS IS HOW WE PULL BOYS - Just invite them to parites LOL

8 floors! 20+ rooms!! 1 orgy room ;) Will you find it?
Who will wander in and get themselves fucked?!

The star of the show was this one lad -never been in vids beofre- was SO adorable yet so
fucking naughty - he wanted EVERYONE 2 cum up his arse RAW - was a proper PIG slut
with a dog collar and everything

I think his name was Keegan !! A gorgeous red-headed twink from Manchester. 🦰
This boy is beautifu!!Did he know we were gonna be making a porn film🎥 cushehad
fetish gear on already ;) This lad was the horniest of the night!!

He took every cock in the house up that adorable arse of his! 🍑 Such a perfect bubblebutt
🫧 and so fuckable!! His insides are like a dream to rearrange with my dick. Haven’t had so
much fun with a hole since, well… fetish week aha. Even he couldn’t handle the might of
Tim’s Ukrainian Towercock 🇺🇦

Next is Hung Pig! 🐷 Not being insulting. That’s what he calls himself aha. Don’t know why
cause he’s lovely, but in the bedroom he was far from it!! 🛏️ He gave everyone’s arses a
good seeing to with his wodger! He’s a kinky one as well with his fishnets

Then this other tall fuckeer turn up and started getting it on with me and the other lads-
REALLY SEXY, Zac! A handsome brunette, so slim and pretty with a gorgeous body! He’d
been nomming on nobs from the minute he walked in, until I got hold of him!

FUCK does he know how to suck a dick!! His tongue 👅 got lost in my mouth we were lying
naked on the bed and making out and wanking together for fucking ages!!

All of us piled on the bed in a tangle of limbs all while the party was still going on! Mouths to
cocks, cocks to arse, arse to mouth...
Until I pinned that ginger cutie face down on the floor and fucked his brains out! 🧠

No-one knew about it, it was all spontaneous!! We tried to be quiet but we got caught!
Someone walked in with my arse in their face T_T But I don’t think they minded too much,
they know what to expect from us by now aha.

Halloween is the best time to pick up fit lads!!
Perfect excuse to fuck anyone you like!
Really brings the gang together