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Twisted, Real British Lads Horny as Fuck and Raw All the Time

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4 hung sex lads in Live painting 🖼 session with JB sketch turns into spunky💧 arse orgy FUCK

Angel Díaz / Ash / Felix / Michael Adams

Scene Length: 14 minute(s)

Release Date: 2023-06-06


Jamie invites lads from the internet to do a live painting 🎨 🖼 for him.LOL how
could this go wrong

JB sketch (aka Jamie Baker from Bristol) TWITTER @JBsketch
That cute boy JB sketch thats been hanging around us to help us with our design work has really
made our place HOME - literally - his everywhere we go! LOL something tells me his more
interested then just painting these models - anyway

Jamie has been helping us with his camera skills BUT this was a LIVE painting session he wanted
to do for a new ‘erotica’ book he has coming out.LOL it goes from Erotica to HARDCORE sex
within seconds - its funny watching Jamie loose control over his painting - I don't even know what
he was trying to achieve

LIVE 🎨 Painting session turns into Bareabck fucking orgy with Hung Guys!

But as soon as the lads are sat next to each other, there all touching each other up and get all
sexually >LOL - the painting 🎨 soon stops. HAHA

OMG! This one Brit lad is had a 9” dick on him and is well up 4 it - they so wasnt interested in
posing for a painting.LOL (sorry Jamie but come on- there horny and all worked up as fuck man)

AH that cute Ashley was there - really fit, skinny and only 22yr - he gets bend over and fucked up
the arse from that ‘Skin Head’ sexy fucker with the 10” cock - REALLY FUCKING HOT

He fucking sticks it up his arse whitest cumming 💦
All theses lads spunk there cum right over someones arse or over there chest allowing u to see it
OMG! U wanna see this boy getting FUCKED by everyone - Super hot

Jamie is absolutely stunningly beautiful 🥰 - not just outside but inside, his really part of the family,
his one of the most generous, most giving and caring non judgemental lads we have ever met
His an 🎨 artist so can be a bit difficult sometimes.... But thats just what artists are like ... there
just a bit funny
He really does wanna advance his art career
Its really sweet actually, he said to me the other day that he had never felt more welcome
anywhere and feels like he is dealing alot with his own sexual complications that young people
can have and that being around us has somehow help him relax around his own sexual issues
ITS VERY SWEET - who wouldn't fall in love❣ with him! His so softly spoken and is just the
opposite of all of us lot- we LUV that about him!

I really fancy that Jamie - I don't know if his EVER going to do a 📼 video tbf (well not one that he
will let me release anyway) but there all like that in the begining, then over time change there
mind, look at Josh❗ 2 years he wasnt in a video if you remeber - cant get him out of them
now.LOL so never say no. LOL