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Twisted, Real British Lads Horny as Fuck and Raw All the Time

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2 Curly haired angelically Big Nob boys fuck PER CUM Galore

Afonso Osnaya / Joaquim Santana

Scene Length: 25 minute(s)

Release Date: 2023-07-17


Smooth talker Jamie pulls 2 Curly haired angelically Big Nob boys Both got 6 pack abs and football

(Ok they might not actually be football players -BUT They look like there straight from a football pitch
⚽ you see on tv 📺 - god given looks - just pure heaven)

Jamie, the smooth talker convinces these two fitties they had to come film with us (well done
JBscetch - we luv u 4 that) YOU WILL NOT BELIVE THIS! Look at how fit these two are!

The rest of us were having a party, but that’s so not Jamie’s thing. So being boring (or sensible, how
ever u see it) LOL so he went back to the flat we had and I kid u not pulled these fit fuckers 🙄

They were gagging for Jamie to film them there and then!

He spits💦 on his dick and Bare fucks this fitty footballer looking lad doggy style on the bed

The lads R actually perfect -

The top lad has the biggest abs ever...😱 im telling you now he fucks like a rabbit -does him in the
arse for like half an hr

💦 ** PER CUM Galore ** 💦 his fat big prick is leaking cum everywhere

Even when his fucking the cute bottom boy

Oh & So well shot - all the right angles, well lit - u get to see👀 EVERYTHING (thats kinda what
Jamies does, typical artist got everything right)

ive tossed off to this video shit loads of times - u proper see that 8” nob strectching out this beautiful
smooth lads arse hole -then he really goes 4 it and fucks him crazy

Two of the most perfect lads ive ever seen might I add. He whipped the 📹 camera out and it all just
starts (im telling u now the best vids are not planned) u can just tell Jamies wanting to see there cocks
in the beginning - hehe

Ok , I’ll be honest I cant tell you anything about these lads, not even there names BUT

I cant stop watching this vid man!!!❤️

The taller one pulls his shorts down and this Hard fat prick bonces out -SO SO HORNY, such magic
between these two -

The entire time you can see this lads getting closer n closer to cumming as his fucking - you can see
these two are really into each other which makes this vid my fav

OUTRAGEOUSLY STUNNING feet and both BAREFOOT which I love looking at lads feet
🚨 Feet lovers take note !!
We’re in Spain who wears socks? (Apart from the brits)
🧦 Barefoot and shorts are a hot combination. 🥵 🩳 🦶

Curly haired boy is angelically 🙀 beautiful! Reminds me of Charlie from Heartstopper. He might look
like a petite twink in that cute outfit, but wait till he gets his kit off. He is ripped!!

His mate is just as gorgeous. Perfect arse, the perfect nob!

🤤 100% drool fest 🤤 lads
I always joke that we’re just council lads, like a bit rough round the edges- But not these two!! There
like proper models
I say this all the time but we need to take them back to London

Ok so here a little FYI info that never occurred to me till this trip

Spain is full of hot up4it porn star looking guys from like Argentinas, Brazilians, Colombians lads from Chile
loads and loads of people from south america, that you realy see anywhere els, I noticed that last year at the porn
awards but didn't really think why but it totally which makes scenes when you think about the history of the
world🌎 there so friendly and Hung as fuck mate!

I never realised that before cos ive always gone to gran canaria and its not the same there

Im telling you now ive never met such lovely friendly lads whom all happen to be Well Fit in my life- so if u
wanna meet stunning fit up 4 it lads, just go to spain (has to be actual Spain main land though not the islands)

I looked it up and south america has 9 Spainish speaking countries

Oh Jamie (our cam boy) is getting a little closer n closer to the action :)

His ironically wearing a nike T-Shirt 👕 that said “Just Do It” HAHA wish he would