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Twisted, Real British Lads Horny as Fuck and Raw All the Time

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Condomless Quickie from gagging 4 it Grinda📱fuck with 10” Ukrainian BEST BLOW ever captured💦

Engelberth J. / Tim Gottfrid

Scene Length: 19 minute(s)

Release Date: 2023-08-16


EVERYONE wants a peace of that 10” Ukrainian 🇺🇦-
cant blame them
(that was me one day too remember) LOL

BEST BLOW JOB ever capture on film -
This is fucking legendary mate
How this film ends is with 10” Ukrainian 🇺🇦 just wanked
n sucked off and he just blows it in this lads mouth but
you get to see the cum being shot out - its epic - and
the 10” Ukrainian 🇺🇦 is not wanking or nothing he cums
just by the fella giving me a BlowJOB - filmed at such a
great angle you get to appreciate the bloody size of this
dick - BUT THE CUMMING is out of this world 🌎

This sexy guy we had filmed before was messaging us like
made saying “pls let me come over for a Condonless
Quickie- 🥩 im outside and can see you lot on Grinda” 📱

We said yeah but would have to be a FUCK N GO cos we was
ment to be at some party night or something in an hr,
which obviously we was well late for and got told off🥺

There were two lads wanting to blow there LOADS up and
arse there n then so Jamie (poor Jamie he always gets
caught up in all this) said he would 🎬 film it for us

I was expecting this to look shit cos it was so rushed
but ITS FUCKING AMZING - Tim (10” Ukrainian 🇺🇦) really
shags this boy and Jamie @JBSetch (u know the
artist🖌 ) , true to his word really got in there and the
filming is just brilliant - u get to see👀 everything -
spunk 💦 his dripping down this lads legs and his still
going for it!
The Ukrainian has a 💧 pre cum💧 problem (although I
think its a gift) but he leaks like a mother fucker,
Words cant tell you enough how much of a sex maniac he is

His cock is to die for - theres no bull shit chit
chatting (only cos he doest talk)HAHA
And his absolutely obsessed with fucking 🅱 🅱 and being
a total 🔝 EVERY single time
Oh-his also got an amazing body 🤩-6 pack to die for
and his actually a really lovely decent person whom I
would call a proper mate - obviously I gotta stop
fancying him now were friends but every now and then when
ya accidentally end up screwing one of ya mates it can be
A REAL TURN ON cos ya know you should be doing it so it
makes it even HOTTER

But u do run this risk of fucking up ya friendship so it
should be avoided it at all possible - porns great cos it
give you a reason for having to do it HAHA 😈

💻 I cant tell you how to find him but if you read
between the lines then you will know how - his worth
spending the night with :)

The mad sex house of spain 🇪🇸- in every available room
there so some lad either fucking someone or wanking off
to porn - had one lad sleeping💤 in the laundry room
HAHA I kind ya not

And we filmed these other two on a make shift bed 🛏 on
the balcony cos we had promised them a room (wanting to
fuck them) but just like merry and Joseph, there was no
room at the INN :)

Oh and regarding Jamie - the boats not quite in there yet
but im working on him so give me a little more time - u
can see his getting more and more stuck it (and yes im
aware he will be reading this hence me writing it) HAHA

come on Jamie - ya so close 🙏 everyones in love with

The sex wasnt that quick after all - goes on for over
20mins but I wont spoil it for ya 🙀