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Twisted, Real British Lads Horny as Fuck and Raw All the Time

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Outdoor 🌳strangers fuck/shot/push CUM💦 up Fit AF 21yr scally boi 💯 REAL

Thick Benjamin

Scene Length: 20 minute(s)

Release Date: 2023-08-26


⚠ We push things to the limit this day Fit AF 21yr
scally boi 🧢 - he knew me from the vids and said he
always wanted to be in one and I said “we dont fuck about
mate, lets just do it now! HAHA and it worked - I
convince him to come have fun with me not telling him im
also going to most prob be sucking on everyone else dick
hoping that they will spunk in my mouth👅 so I can shove
it up my arse😈

This one guy shoots a STUNNINGLY BIG💧 FAT LOAD💧 in my
gob n face and it takes me a while to get the boy
bent over, shorts down then I spit the cum 💦 outta my
mouth at the top of his arse crack and you see it all run
down and I use that as REALLY GOOD WET💦 LUBE to RAW
fuck this boy -im making all sorts of noises cos this is
literally my biggest fantasy being played out - he didnt
know what had hit him but he LOVED IT TOO MAN

This guy 💦 SPUNKS 💦 his load over my face and in my gob
and I keep it in my mouth, bend over this sexy fucker and
spit all that spunk over his arsehole - proper rim in up
his arse then stick my RAW dick in him and fuck that
geezers💦 SPUNK💦 in this boys bum - SO SO FUCKING HOT -
I REALLY FUCK HIM 😝 I luv taking or meeting unsuspecting lads in cruising
areas and get them to be as dirty as they can - REALLY

I then take it even further and piss all over him 🙀
(that was random)
When I see how sleaze he is I immediately want him to
shag me and fucking dump one up my arse🥹
Its a long brilliant day out -
we get so many cocks out its unreal
FYI - we will suck the cum outta ANYONES dicks - WE DONT
CARE what u look like,
All we are interested in is playing with your cum 💦

THEN....that dirty minded lad gets cum💦 in his mouth
bends me over and starts fucking me in the middle of the
woods- his cock is lovely but fucking BIG - it hurt but I
let me get close in my arse cos I was going mental with

I cant stop fucking this boy where ever we go - when u
see his arse n cock u will see why,
We get some fucking amazing shots of me doing him in the

You wanna see us on this big cocked guy - we are like
raptors - cant get enough BareBack sleaze

Then we are completely naked flip fucking each other- we
were both desperate to cum💦 . Up each other
He lays in on the floor , put my feet over my head and
pounds away - really trying to blow it in me

😈 😈 😈We were both so sexual-😈 😈 😈

ANOTHER RANDOM DUDE - then this random dude comes up and
false’s his way in - a few strokes in this lad and our
poor boy is left with another LOAD💦 up deep inside him
We are sucking off 5 more strangers and this guy whoops
out his dick and it must be 12 inchs - the fattest cock
we have ever seen- he was wearing asuit and had been in
the office all day so his dick was really smelly
(something I fucking 😍 LOVE😍)

😈 It was just madness-
so many people wanted to get dirty with us- 😈

Then there was this guy who was REAALY horned up for it-
I push our lads head down and hold it there so he can
start 🅱 🅱 him- our lad was so turned on by this he
fucking stops bending over , grabs my face (i was
kneeling on the floor) and shoots the biggest load 💦
you've ever seen in your life- MASSIVE right over my face
and mouth 👅
I fucking spit that cum back on his nob and his still
hard and pushes his spunky dick right into the back of my
arse- WAS BRILLIANT he fucks me for some time after that

YOU NEED TO GET THIS VIDEO IN FULL - if ya like seeing
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