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Twisted, Real British Lads Horny as Fuck and Raw All the Time

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Worlds🌍 BIGGEST CUM-DUMP Advertised all over twitter🅱🅱 whats app groups📱 The ultimate ‘Fuck n Go

Scene Length: 48 minute(s)

Release Date: 2023-11-04


PART II BIGGEST CUM-DUMP ever FILMED with 70+ Plus guys
Well cute N Fit CumDump 💦 Lad desperate 4 Anonymous CUM

We already had quite a lot of sleazy BB obsessed guys from our 🅱 🅱 whats app group📱
Coming - then someone (not me) had the idea of advertising it LIVE 🖥 online and putting the
location LIVE 🖥 online on our twitter and Grinda 🫢 - ALL 💯 true - our tweets and posts are
shown in our vid here!
Then the masses turned out LOL FUCKING CRAZY MATE
🤯 Never seen anything like it 🤯
My biggest fantasy coming true
😈 Seedy horny fuckers - ALL 🔝 - all wanting to spit there cum up our lad❗
Shocking - Misbehaving lad gets Sloppy hole AGAIN & AGAIN and I 💜 fucking
cum in him

And by far the most amount of CUM ever seen 👀

More then.....70 guys CUM-UP young Fit chavy CumDump 💦 REAL LIFE open door policy

things spiral out of control as word of the party spreads and we have over 70 guys turn
up !! It was a bit scary tbf


unashamed Cum Whore LOVES Anonymous ❤ unfamiliar Dick
✔ nameless
✔ undisclosed
✔ unidentified unrecognised guys will remain secret - we just wanna film your cum
✔ Anonymous CUMMING💦
✔ I HAVE to slip my ROCK HARD dick up the bottom boy EVERY time someone
cums in him and fuck that cum more into his arse hole

😈 Anything to do with Anonymous - Then it makes him ‘’FUCKING CRAZY’’

Chav lad used Posting LIVE our chav Cum-Dump lad online - 100% door open - all instructions
given online
You will 💚 this video - THANK YOU to everyone who took part

multiple guys packed out this group....If you wanna come meet us and join in
to our next party then PLEASE DM📩 us or e-mail
Or fancy being the next blind folded boy?