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Twisted, Real British Lads Horny as Fuck and Raw All the Time

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🎣Condom fishing- Emptying out used condoms and draining them 4 💦’SPUNK’💦2 fuck up FIT boy

Johnny Di Carpio

Scene Length: 27 minute(s)

Release Date: 2023-11-24


⚠️SHOCKING ⚠️ Picking up used ‘Johnnies’
Safe ONLY❌ guy fucks this boy and cums Inside condom, pulls out and walks off leaving us with
his cum😈

Picking up at least 8 used condoms : )))
anonymous Sperm💦 left by complete strangers Picking up used
condoms to drain N play with cum inside🥵

⛔️WARNING 🚨❗️ viewer discretion is advised

Contains extreme unusual sexualization of cum outdoor Randoms leaving cum in condoms to play with CUM PLAY and CUM Sharing

⛔️WARNING 🚨❗️ viewer discretion is advised

extreme or very unusual - not suitable for ‘safe only’ people

WARNING extreme dangerous reckless behaviour with young lads
PLAYING with anonymous CUM 🐽- Do not to try this at home!!!
ALL 100% REAL! Pls Do not proceed unless ready

Safe sex lovers may find this content disturbing
Viewers "lacking in courage" may wish to look away now….

🎣Condom Fishing 🎣- means to go looking for used FILLED WITH SPUNK condoms in gay
cruising areas

Fucking this boy with cum from random condoms left laying around


Once this bloke shoot his cum❄️ up the arse of my mate - he pulls
out and throws it to the floor - without the cam stopping, we wait
till he fucks off - then pick up that used Johnny and empty the
blokes spunk all over my cock and over this boys arse hole 🐷

I bareback him with that cum 💦inside him for like less then 2 mins
and im SO TURNED ON I pull out and cum uncontrollably
(i cum shot loads cos im so turned on)

🚨Adult material - not suitable for the faint-hearted🚨

The lad I met is 100% model feature - way to good🤷‍♂️
THIS BOY IS CRAZY! 🤷‍♂️ Took me a while to find a fit fucking stunner who would be up 4 it
though 🥵- Most the lads I meet said theres ❌ NO FUCKING WAY ❌ they would pick a spunked
in Johnny up off the floor and stick it up there ares LOL
Dont know whats wrong with them - I think Its well horny….

HOWEVER - found this ex runway model - absolutely truly beautiful boy - right character -
REALLY sexual and loves it RAW
❗️TIP - when ever ya go to gay cruzing area theres alway sex paraffinalia laying around - and near
all that is where u can find discarded used johhnyies

😈 WE find like 20x condoms - all laying there on the floor, just waiting 4 the cum inside to be
drained 😈 This boy man….Never met anyone so up 4 it in his life

ITS EPIC AF… they ant all still got the cum inside coz, thats why ya have to keep looking

The following video may contain behaviour considered “WAY TOO
MUCH” for the faint-hearted

Meet this right dirty lad - really fucking filthy - totally up 4 it and proper CUM MAD🤪
prodigious prick King-size herculean nob fucks this young fit fuckker pulled in the woods LIVE

WOW this this boy teach’s me a thing or two about being insane
This random guy with a ‘King-size prick’ starts getting it on with him
The guy was all paranoid and wanting to use a condom 🥵
(which I thought at first was boring- so I kinda switch off a bit)
Things start getting well outta hand

Ive never heard or 👀seen anything like this before- dont know why we never thought of it sooner

This gorgeous lad with his model
His got a jaw line and face bone like a proper model 🐽

I squeezed out the cum (which BTW u can still make out even thought some of them are old and been there a long time and so the cum is a bit watery)❄️💦

😍He doesn't stop begging 4 more

Things get wild when we find a batch of 3 of used up condoms.
A real ‘Catch of the Day’, award winning spunk filled condom, worthy of mounting in your local pub.

The cute little fucked chugged it down his neck and I was in shock.
The latex slimey rubber still flinging around in my hand spitting semen all over us.
This lad really had me hooked, we had to go fish for more.
The more we found the more I filled him up with the anon loads and I couldnt wait to stick my rod 🐠in him.

Enough cum to feed the whole of Vauxhall. He fucked him and cum was just oozing out of him,
squirting out like a water pistol. Bet it slipped it really easy. Pounded him, came and left. Dunno if
this lad had been watching but he wanted to use protection with my buddy -

Loved hunting for the juicy cum bags which took an eager eye and patience - a real sport.
But when we got the hang we were really swimming.

You’ll find them everywhere once you look, if I’ve inspired you to join the sport. Hanging in trees,
under leaves and wrapped in tissues. A really present for every cum greedy whore. All you need is
a cute twink to act as tackle and dangle him around the bushes, soon you’ll get a bite and they
wont be able to stop.
Soon as they feel the countless mounts of sperms lubricating thier dick they’ll cum again. And
rememeber if you catch too much you can always take it home, have it for dinner or freeze and
use it at a later date.

Thanks to our STUNNING 😍 lad
I LOVE getting that annom spunky LOAD❄️💦 dripping all over my hand n fingers
N make sure my Middle finger 🖕 (the longesr one) is soaked in any old cunts cum
EVERY cruising area has cum waiting 4 ya to play with - ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS LOOK👀
Yes this vid is Sickening - but in a wood way!

💬🗯 Why are condoms called Johnnies?
One of the biggest retailers called John Milles, He was one of the
first to sell condoms commercially
As time passed the phrase ‘Johnnies’ became more well known.