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Twisted, Real British Lads Horny as Fuck and Raw All the Time

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Spunking Spielberg 🎥 Multiple 10x guys @packed group❗️ Downpour flood of 💦CUM

Danny Lockwyn / Jake Ryder / Johnny Di Carpio / Kar Henry / Owen / Papi / Shay Levi

Scene Length: 33 minute(s)

Release Date: 2023-12-24


Come meet our new friends - some of them are going to be staying with me for a bit :)
Crazy sex party, hosting this was brilliant !! 🤩 normally at a sex parties people cant get hard nor
Here everyone gets HARD and literally all of them that entered the flat, also shot there cum before
leaving and we got the lot 4 you here on tape

The flat has become completely obsessed with 🦕 Jurassic park - we dont live in a castle
anymore nor in space - we want to live in the jungle and our artist boy Jamie (JBSketch) 🎨
Said he could paint me anything - so we picked dinosaurs 🦕

🚨heavy cummer ALERT 🚨- PaPi is fucking the younger lad and he just pulls out all of a sudden
and this HUGE LOAD IS SHOT exactly where that boys bum hole is - ITS REALLY GOOD

😍 Lad Number 1
A NEW Danny, in his early 20’s - Very good looking and is really quite sexual - his got a real hot
look going on

😍 Lad Number 2
Oh this lad- his 24yr REALLY SEXY I think his name is Shay - great dick on him as well ! And his
got a prince Albert - really love twinks who are all out there like that - I love seeing like a prince
albert on a twink - gets my head spinning with excitement

😍 Lad Number 3
our neighbour ‘pa pi’ came over to fuck some lads (Im serious, thats how I know him) his got a
lovely Supper think 8inch dick - his also a heavy cummer

😍 Lad Number 4
Jake (our Jake aka Chavvy Scally) he gets fucked and dumped in!!

😍 Lad Number 5
Kal, extremely handsome - such a beautiful dick- he was given my number and he started
msging me, at first just to meet up

😍 Lad Number 6
Our new Super Star boy! His real name is Thomas - his not done porn before or nothing like that
which is why he doesn't name a name yet.LOL

😍 Lad Number 7
Gio - that boy I met the other day (i know which one right?) the used condoms boy

😍 Lad Number 8 unnamed
The Essex lad - really fit really sleazy !

😍 Lad Number 8
unnamed lad with his big dick and huge smile

Then Reece and Jamie was also there filming them ;)

Then…. Thomas , our sex 19yr - comes into the room and the really handsome older fella called
Kal undress’s him, bends him over and spread's his arse cheeks before rimming him to fuck!!

That sexy Danny (new Danny) goes into a doggy style position and has cock slipped up him (wow
what a perfect little arse on this one!) REALLY SMOOTH- really hot🥵
Danny (new Danny) bends over so his hands are touching his feet and gets shagged again by the
big dicked neighbour

Its SO SO busy -proper cluster fuck of people, everyone was getting it on with everyone els
🤬PaPi then spits on his dick and rams it up the ‘used condom boy’
Its great - his got his feet in the air and is really getting crewed HARD

This guy, (the neighbour) fucks chavvy scally for a bit whilst his still wearing sexy as fuck traickies
He ends up fucking sexy Danny (new Danny)
People keep coming and going cos they were all turning up at different times ⏰
If ya ever get invited to come party with us or film with us then pls come early LOL
OMG …. I should go into what happens any more otherwise it wont be as hot 4 you to 👀watch
… its def one of my all time favourites and

✔️ALL the lads get hard and
✔️Downpour flood of cum💦in this film! EVERYONE Cums
✔️ALL are heavy cummers

This is a proper Orgy - loads of people keep arriving and leaving
Theres always 8 or 9 people in the room

2 of the lads are laying on the snooker table 🎱 getting fucked and Reece hows filming it, gets
right in there with the cam -so you can see
HOLLY SHIT - Kal wanks off his dick right into this cute lads arse- he cums💦 shit loads

We spare no expense when it comes to decorating :) LOL the amount of time it takes is insane - if
anyone out there wants to lend a hand then we wouldn't say no LOL
🪴 All our plants 🌱 came from Jamie - the lads really helped me out by offering to do DIY
The room up there is like being in “jumanji’ - theres tress 🪴 plants growing everywhere now

Alot of these guys we met on the 🅱️🅱️ what’s app 📱group called
‘Bareback club’
I could go on talking about this vid for days

This video 100% has the bareback seal of approval ✔️wanked off to it so many times already