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Twisted, Real British Lads Horny as Fuck and Raw All the Time

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Gettin 2 know 📹 Super Fit 19yr, pop star looks, proper chav🧢takes CUM up the arse- Unedited vid


Scene Length: 18 minute(s)

Release Date: 2024-01-03


You gotta meet this lad
Crazy smile - so happy and such a down to Earth 🌏
🧢Proper chav 🧢….(sorry babe meaning that in a good way if ya reading) but you are !- your not
playing scally👟 - thats who you are which makes it so hot 🥵 your into that as well 😈
- u know we fucking love scally/chav lads -

Really stupidly handsome - really switch on as well 💡such a lovely lad, not a bad bone in his
body - so kind

📹 We really get to know him in this Unedited vid 📹
Really rare look into someones real life

He sat on the sofa with me and Recee and the cam asking him all about himself - 100% all true
and genuine people is what we find hot - also, u know, sometimes I have no clue how to proper
start getting it going, normally the more nervous I am (normally when I really like someone).

📍We asking him all sorts to get to know him then like its getting hornyier and hornier the talk 🗣️
And its so amazingly sexy how it all turns all of a sudden - the things his talking about and what
his into, his then doing for real❗️

Was trying to really keep my cool and not look so desperate 🤤 LOL doubt that worked - his
charm is of the scale - and with fucking Recee there as well (Also absolutely fancying this guy
like crazy)

After snogging his face off 🥰- I bend him over the fish 🐠 tank and shove it right up his arse- he
finds it hard to take it and even in the end I still gotta leave a few inchs out but
His def more bottom - 💯% - FUCKING LOVES DICK - and cum- U gotta see 👀the end!

I shot the biggest fucking💦 LOAD of my life right over and in his gob 👅- all over his face- his
covered - then spits that spunk 💦out over my cock and I push it up his arse hole - this time real
Deep - like ALL THE WAY IN - who doesnt wanna be fucked 🅱️🅱️ N cummed 💦up like that and
have it pushed to the back of your arse 😈 SO SO HOT - luv the smile on his face- saids it all

We really like him - we hope his going to stick around - his proper chill - like when you meet him
his always offering to help out and nartaully so so polite - very genuine

Just his attitude alone is perfect but if his up 4 coming and helping us then I think the other lads
are going to 💙 him as well as you guys-
like, his really lovely (in case I haven't already said that).