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Twisted, Real British Lads Horny as Fuck and Raw All the Time

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Homemade 📹amateur POV 🎥filming 🌳outdoors CUTE AJ taking annom LOADS unexpected shag takes my cum

AJ Baxter

Scene Length: 19 minute(s)

Release Date: 2024-02-02


LOAD blown up unexpected shag met outdoors with AJ taking annom LOADS.
💯 REAL members of the public take turns fucking AJ 🧢
He loves it and cums💧 too quick! - this was one of them days were anything could have
AJ doesnt last long and after he cums he goes home leaving me up there which is when we find
this proper hot CHAV trashy lad - super fit and proper up 4 it

Then it turns into NIGHT 🌗………

Its SO different up there at night …. Its well good- the lads get hotter and more up 4 it-
definitely 💯 more sleazy at night (I had never been at night 🌛before)

Then as its getting dark, I meet this cute fucking chav boy and end up fucking him all over the
✍🏻 I start wanking on the floor and this hot 🥵chav lad comes and sits on my dick and rides it
😈RAW His fit as , he asked me to hide his face cos he didn't wanna be recognised - but his
💔STUNNING AS FUCK - me and him are well into each other - we roll about on the floor fucking
like rabbits - he lets me cum up inside

Thats why I love the outdoor videos - you never EVER know what your going to get???
Like people can be pushy n forward or completely the opposite and not interested at all or put off
by the filming (we are not always 📽filming)
When we are out and about fucking n filming - please cum💧 up and say hi - we are supper
friendly and not up our own arse or nothing - we dont hang out with anyone who's precious or
judgmental so anyone im with we also be pleased to meet ya :)
And feel free to wack ya dick outta ya pants and ask one of us to suck it🐷