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Twisted, Real British Lads Horny as Fuck and Raw All the Time

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Horny Filthy 3 way fuck with SEXY πŸ³οΈβ€βš§οΈ FTM chav boy🧒 CUM PLAY Tag team creampie fuck

Chris / Jordan Green

Scene Length: 22 minute(s)

Release Date: 2024-02-12


πŸ†• This boy I met…
OMG - his really fucking FIT - Totally Into cars 🚘 and loves wearing
them 🧦 white socks whilst getting fucked

Fit as FUCK young chav lad - born in the wrong body - super hot chav -
😈 Authentic CHAV’s make my dick CUM SO MUCH 😈

πŸ’™ loves cars
πŸ’™ hoodies
πŸ’™ beer 🍺
πŸ’™ dick

Was not just horny but really educational as well - I didn't know if
I was going to be into any of that but

There Was with this other guy who was topping as well, his cock was rock
solid 8inch n think
ITS LIKE concrete ❗️its that HARD

Skin on skin depraved fucking - both me and this other lad shoot our cum
over then inside - REALLY GOODπŸ‘

This person was originally born the opposite sex to me (so a woman) but
he identifies as a bloke and is really fucking filthy - im gay so im
really just into lads BUT you gotta see πŸ‘€ this boy !!!! His VERY fucking
FIT 🧒 total CHAV🧒 really super horny 🐷
I really enjoyed fucking him - we were really into each other and that
shows …..

The other lad, Whos really gagging for it, cums first and I get to fuck
his cum as lube up this chavs holes and I spunk my cum πŸ’¦right fucking
over them and fuck my cumπŸ’¦ inside -
WAS AMAZING - I was really into him -
U wanna see the pics and vids he was sending me before we met - I’ll add
them to the video - CRAZY good looking lad

πŸ™€ I was really nervous- I haven't really been with someone without the
boy equipment but none of that bothered me after snogging his face off -
then I didnt know how far to push it but basically me and the 8inch hung
dude in the vid both πŸ“pin down and cum all over πŸ’¦

I dont know much about being a transgender - I do know that its possible
to be born in the wrong body - thats quite common actually - we love
this boy because his a proper chav and really belongs on the site (we
didnt just get him round to be PC or nothing)
I met him on twitter originally and as soon as I πŸ‘€ saw him
I thought I would πŸ’œ to be fucking you❗️
I really wasn't expecting to be into him as much - I was REALLY EXCITED🐷
by him being there and then doing all these dirty things!

Im more into people - I guess you could call that pansexual which is
where u dont fancy the gender but more into the person - I get attracted
to younger / older / slim / large / hairy /smooth - im really into
people's personalities
Thats why I enjoyed escorting years ago because I loved meeting a
variety of people - I loved escorting - I kinda miss all that