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Twisted, Real British Lads Horny as Fuck and Raw All the Time

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Twisted Twinks creampie @HYB Pool Party group fucked by entire complex @Fetish event

Danny Twink / Johnny Di Carpio / Joshy Boy / Reece Mckenzie

Scene Length: 34 minute(s)

Release Date: 2024-05-12


Oh WOW - the lads are all laying down on this table thing - YOU WANNA SEE 👀 HOW MANY

All these Strangers keep cuming up to this lovely lad
3 guys in a row cum in this cute twink boy - all 3 proper cum💦 back to back up our mates arse
(whos only 20yr btw)
So horny to see and when he pulls out you can see all his spunk 💦 dripping out
And down his legs - its stupidity horny😈
Then we just took over the play area 🐷 LOL I had boys tied to crosses
We had lads in slings on their knees and ALL THE TIME people are coming up to them and
sticking it in till they cum💦 its a proper fantasy come true
We strap up this new boy who we been working with

Then ‘HungPig’ from twitter came over and starting fucking this lad - OMG he shoots it right up
him without pulling out

My mates are a bit twisted - 1 of the new lads really wanted me to pimp them out Raw and charge
for it. LOL
I said to him “they need to pay with there cum - not money, we need spunk 💦 ”
Loads of guys do a circle Jerk and then the cumming starts
Only takes 1 guy to get really horny and shoot, then they all start cumming - REALLY HORNY
over Josh’s, Reece’s or the blond haired lads face

The amount of people who was cuming up to the sexy twink in the sling - its just insane - SO SO
good to watch - I really mainly wank to our ‘Outdoors videos’
Theres just something about offering your arse to ANYONE