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Twisted, Real British Lads Horny as Fuck and Raw All the Time

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Little Josh gets caught getting fucked condomless by a hot lad & I keep 📹

Joshy Boy

Scene Length: 17 minute(s)

Release Date: 2018-12-29


Ok- so your never going to believe what happened in Manchester pride but I caught josh 🙀
(yes our Little josh or as he wants to be known as Joshy Boy)
Getting fucked 🅱🅱 up the arse by one of the guys I had interviewed on the street, then pulled back to have some fun with
This is all on camera 🎥 and again 💯 % real
You know josh he would NEVER agree to be in a vid properly but I went in to find the guy I had pulled & Josh fucking BIG TIME, he was getting done RAW and obviously Fucking loving it ❗
I cant believe he agreed to me filming although I passed the cam over the my mate cos his my little brother so that would just be weird
🤫 Between me and u only, his actually done stuff with loads of the boys but won't ever let me film it, or he dose but then 🐓 out and makes me delete it cos he don't wanna been scene, the sneaky little shit!
However for some unknown reason ( most probably cos he was loving that guys dick deep n him bareback he just agreed, this is all on cam BTW) it's funny as.
Well actually what happen was I caught him stealing the boy I pulled off the street and (whom I had arranged a sexy 21yr for with) in one of the bed rooms,
It's all 💯 % I promise, well u can see that when u watch it.
I don't wanna big josh up too much cos his my brother n all but....
✅ yeah let's just say it's FUCKING HOT AS FUCK 🔥
josh is actually a proper dirty little cunt when his get fucked and his beautiful perfect twink body looks AMAZING on cam, if you been watching our vids for a bit then DONT MISS THIS VIDEO
I was watching for a bit and didn't know if I should or not (join in) but that would be a bit too Messed up
I'll tell u the truth I've fucking wanked off to this vid 100's of time and josh if your reading this then FUCK YOU, don't be reading too much into it mate, your still Joshy to me, I just like the cam angle and the artistic lighting! (as if)
This guy with a massive 8" nob WELL likes josh n fucks him legs in the air, style, bent over, he even opens up Joshs little arse hole 🕳 and off loads it all over the push's it in and fucks him with his cum! 💧
If josh wasn't family I would be well jel.
Oh and then the actual 21yr boy I arranged for the shag off the street arrives thinking his going to get laid., it's well embarrassing but good TV lol