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Twisted, Real British Lads Horny as Fuck and Raw All the Time

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🊟Mind-blowing Amounts of CUM drained by 3 Wild 🇬🇧 boys in sleaze Wasteland

BB IrishLad / Hung Young Brit

Scene Length: 21 minute(s)

Release Date: 2019-03-28


Cum sharing like YOU'VE NEVER SEEN before!! _Nothing beats this Vid!
Our mission - To take Cum-Play to a whole another level and SHOCK the lads in the Wastelands of Gran Can ✈
At First we meet this edging guy who keeps pulling his dick away - a right edger - he was desperate not to cum so me and BBIrishLad fucking jump on him and bleed him dry - then right in front of him we share him load between us in our gobs whilst snogging!
WE are Massively into cum and cum-play
i spit cum over & into the palm of my hand and wipe it all over my dick, Bend BBIrshlad lad over and fuck the shit out of him -
❗Every time someone shoots i try to collect it for BBIrshlads Arse-hole❗
The Mass crowd are appalled at US they think its horrific and disgraceful but there Dicks are so fucking hard they have to join in!!!!
All these guys wanted to see if me and my mates really would suck n toss off ANYONE then kissing finger and fuck each other with the cum!
🙀I Even hold my mates head and mouth open in position ready for these dirty strangers to come dump one in his open Gob!
Every time i song his fucking face off in front of crowds and crowds of people
⚡WE LOVE SHOWING OFF how far we will go⚡
Low class Shameless scum who will do anything on 📹
I get bend over and fucked really Hard in the arse by a Hung young European sexy boy!
OMG - i could geel him getting closer and closer to cuming and he actually sneakily Cums an enormous load deep in me as his fucking me
He didn't ask if he could cum inside me and didn't wanna take the risk of me not being up for that,
So the cheeky cunt just went ahead and came anyway - you can see it all on cam him trying to be all discreet!
loads of people were watch us and he didn't want them to know he was shooting inside me either
Im such a dirty minded fucker i don't say anything - just let him think his got away with it!!
😈OMG i gotta have another wank about this guy now that makes me hard every time i think about it!! - I LOVE GUYS WHO CUM and don't say there about to or pretend like they didn't !!
Then the oldest guy there - maybe in his 60's Dumps one in BBIrishlads mouth and he cum kisses me with it in front of a crowd of 30 Plus.
Suddenly they all come join in now they know us lads will suck anyone!
One Guy is a colossal cummer - He spunks all over my hands and fingers‼
By the End of this day things have got well out of hand and me and my mates face is just smothered in Spunk _ ITS FUCKING EVERYEHERE and Aaron encourages us to cum kiss it and i corrupt BBIrishlad even more by spiting and wiping 6 guys spunk loads in a massive pool in my hand, lift him up, bend him over and fucking ram it all bare up his arse so all those guys spunk is in him for me to fuck him with RAW!
WE are Filthy - WE cant get enough!
IF you Like Cum-Play and your a Sleazy Dirty cunt who wants to see 3 Brit Boys degrade themselves and let ANYONE - and i mean ANYONE spunk on them so they can finger-fuck, french kiss, cum guzzling, wipe it on each others cocks or just use as lube and 🅱🅱 fuck each other with Unknown cum!
Me and BBIrishlad are true passivate cum kissers - meaning if you shoot your load in either of our mouths then one of us will snog the other one with it and we will both swallow - this drives us FUCKING crazy
Every time some naughty fucker spunks we make sure we share every bit of cum by resitting it in our gobs
💬I MILK OFF 4 guys in a row then fuck all them guys loads DEEP into BBIrshlad
Treat him like the cum loving dirty fucker he is!
NO ONES LOAD WAS REFUSED _ we were so horny we didn't give a fuck who u are what ya look like we JUST wanna play with your spunk💦💦💦