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Twisted, Real British Lads Horny as Fuck and Raw All the Time

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Pre-loading condoms used as lube then cumming inside him ALL NIGHT🌓FILTHY & Wrong

Alex Faux / Anton / Hung Young Brit / James Oakleigh

Scene Length: 58 minute(s)

Release Date: 2019-04-28


YES this is all real- this boy is nuts
Wanking off in condoms -filming it live-with him on the 📞 cumming inside them, then signing🖌 the Johnny's so he knows it's REAL
By the time 18yr naughty Alex gets to London I had 3 of these frozen🌨spunk filled condoms
I'm so dirty and his EVEN more naughty then me!😱
I split open the first Cum filled condom right over his gob and u can see how sticking and tacky all my cum is - watch how fucking insane this Cum loving boy goes when I tell him I'm going to finger fuck it up his arse🤯-he starts moaning and jiggling up & down
I berry my cum covered finger right up his arse 🤩"fuck me" the boy comes ALIVE - he clearly likes that- his so FUCKING FILTHY, he loves all my twisted 🅱🅱 fantasies

The 2nd spunky load we rip out of the rubber we then smother this big 'fuck off' dildo 😈 that's in the shape of a small Arm - yeah that's so horny he loves it so much, he loves getting cum pushed inside him📛
I'm so fucking hard n horny I then take him and fuck him one there and then on the bed🛏, all this make me cum so quick- i shoot deep in his arse as his begging me for it- WATCH THIS VID📼GUYS

This is just the start HAHA
He spent the night and we shagged so many times🕑 and every time we were both obsessing about cum - in fact he takes me by surprise and as his wanking off he force fucks how own cum up my arse 💗
(obviously I'm not complaining BUT STILL - dirty boy!)

We go to bed and During the middle of the night it starts again by him backing is bum 🔙 towards my crouch when we were spooning🥄
We knew we wasn't gonna get no sleep -he just wants to be fed with cum SO MUCH - I lean over and grap the camera 📸 so u can see us doing everything - we never want you to miss out- not on someone so outrageously confident he wants breeding 🙉

Things get REALLY out of control FAST 💨when he starts going on the apps 📱
Remember his not use to grinda in London so he was well taken-a-back when he saw all the fit guys all so close ❗ your never EVER, ever going to believe this but I swear it to be true, he gets both of us invited to a Sex party 🎊 early hrs of the morning ! LOL you couldn't make this up- well it wasn't a sex party actually, the guy just said it was him but he had these other boys down in the bedrooms there

I keep the cam 📹 rolling so u can see these guys are actually my fucking neighbours - there's this lad who absolutely fit as - it's his flat and he invited us over
They knew who we were cos they recognised me from when I was arrested 👮‍╀️ for that tube video.

THIS IS THE HOTTEST TIME I've filmed to date - by fat - it's like 90mins long so I'm going to upload it next
but I promise I will upload them back to back so u don't loose the 2nd part (I've realised that I sometimes forget completely to upload part 2 of vids) so no more of this waiting stuff.
❗ ❗ The vid is too horny too miss ❗ ❗
it's so Wrong (but in a good way)

💥This boy is amazing, I cant wait for you to meet him, his got so much energy and his really actually fucking smart- he is actually genuinely 18 years old which is shocking because of how 🅱🅱 mad he is, you would think from talking to him that he was MUCH MUCH older cos his so clued up on things - he wants to do business and he wants his own website which I think he should totally go for....

Because there's so much Cum in this video
I'm going to help you and tell you all the times to look out for cos there SO MUCH jam packed!
Highlights times:
29 second = Me spunking in condom 1
3 mins = Me spunking on phone to boy in condom 2
19 mins = 1st Cum condom emptied in his gob then on dildo and fucked in him
21 mins = lube needed so condom 2 used to fucked him 🅱🅱with
28 mins = Me shooting my cum deep inside his arse
42 mins = 3rd condom fucked in his with double dicked dildo
45 mins boy shoots in his own mouth- shoves in my arse unexpectedly (cheeky)
53 mind = me pulling out and proper crempieing his arse and fucking it back in