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Twisted, Real British Lads Horny as Fuck and Raw All the Time

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Little josh 🐣 getting done up the arse Bareback by STUNNING 10" dick DJ whitest decorating

Jordan Jones / Joshy Boy

Scene Length: 21 minute(s)

Release Date: 2019-06-17


❗ Spunking on STUNNING 10" DJ face as he bends over n fucks little josh RAW ❗
FIT AS CHAV DJ comes to stay in London for a bit, we are mates now and he comes up quite a bit
But he tells me for the 1st time how much his always fancied josh
I get the cam out and start filming -
Ok so the story goes:
Josh is now convinced he wants to do 🎥
Josh is painting his room and the carpet (thanks josh)
His got this idea of having a blank white wall then when he films n fucks someone, making the sign the wall with like the name of twitter handle (it's actually a really good idea 💡)
I'm up stairs with DJ telling him all about it and Fit as chav DJ tells me for the 1st time how much his always fancied josh
Fuck me!!! U gotta see this- two of the best looking boys EVER fucking RAW with paint all over them
💯 % not staged -always real - filmed for YOU!
I get so horny watching this I have to get my dick out and wank off over DJs cute face and spunk it in his mouth
I cum so quick- it's well horny
DJs then bends josh over the bed & pokes that massive 10" cock RAW up Joshs arse
Josh 💖 that's oversized dick of DJ's,
He holds joshs legs in the air and shags him to an inch of his life- he keeps pulling out to show us how much pre cum his fucking inside Joshs arse, then fucks it back in him - ITS AMAZING 😉
He proper gives josh it hard- josh ant use use to massive dicks like this and moans like a cunt, it's fucking great being the one to film all this for you
Josh is so horny, his wanking on the floor then as he start to cum he jumps up and sticks itm in DJs arse! FUCK THIS MAKES ME ROCK SOILD
I cant 🙀 believe josh is doing all this now and letting me film it-
just 4 the record - none of this is my idea, I want the best for him and known his always been reserved- ok I did egg DJ on to go down to Joshs room and have 'a little chat about his painting' so maybe it's a little bit my fault 😜
❗ This is one of them clips that wasn't planned at all and just happens ❗