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Reece’s 2 mates 🏥 visiting, fuck N Creampie on floor❗

Reece’s 2 mates 🏥 visiting, fuck N Creampie on floor❗

These two really sexy lads are down visiting Recee after his surgery 🏥 🤕
(Recce has had a major operation on his tummy to remove parts of his stomach but his ok)
His embarrassed that his got a scar now (how silly) 🤕

but as soon as his back up to scratch I’ll get him in a vid to say hi 🙌 to you all
After checking on Reece
we were back at ours are chatting and comparing SEXUAL EXPERIENCES
I fuck off to the shops for wine 🍷 and these guys next are comparing their COCKS!!! LOL

Soon one of them has got the other’s Nob in his mouth 😈 and then the other returns the FAVOUR.

They are BOTH SOO HORNY😛 - TOTAL COCK WHORES, they even ask Mikey boy who’s
filming them, if he wants to join in!
(MIND YOU I think if I was filming and saw that FUCKING MASSIVE ENORMOUS COCK I’d be
ALL over that)

They waist no time, oiling up his hole 🍑 with his young before he begins DRIVING that BEAUTIFUL dick right up his ASS.
these 2 are Flippers!! They like to SHARE and its not long till they SWITCH up position, sucking the other one hard and then inserting it into the other TIGHT ROUND ACCOMMODATING HOLE. HE GETS FUCKED HARD AND WILD.

AFTER 69ING you get to see that boy with the big dick Spunk 💦 Shit loads (really think n white
too) over that cute lads hole!

He proper give him it on the floor and push’s his cum looked dick right back up his hole!💦
It was upsetting that Reece was in the hospital for so long
His doing really good now
He never rested his stomach and so the stitches came out and he had to have it redone
Now his fit as a fiddle though

Starring: Reece Mckenzie