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Big Dick REAL-life Escort Twink FUCKS stunning 19yr British 🇬🇧 Trent boy@ festival

👑 Big Jubilee Weekend 👑
OMG that cute little Twink boy Fucks 19yr British 🇬🇧 Trent boy By Skinny, Thick
Dick FIT beautiful Joshyy gets his huge 8 inch
(The one from the porn awards)

YES, YES, YES that sweet young lad who everyone loves fucking in the arse
Actually Tops Trent (Didn’t see that coming!)
Wait till u 👀 see him pounding shit outta our st8 acting sexy CHAV mate🥵
2️⃣ x 10/10 hung & impressive STUNNING LADS Cocky forward sexy lad wants to be a 🅱 🅱 cum give to Stunning Lad with Dirty
70 years on the thrown 👑
70years = 70 fucks in a weekend

⛺ 🎪 Mighty Hoopla park festival ⛺ 🎪
It’s a Massive Gay festival, a bit like Glastonbury/ Woodstock
(only with ‘Steps’ headlining)
WOW!!! You should have seen the lads there! Fucking fit as and it’s +18yr event
so can get up to what ya like inside (well, sort of)
About 5 of us went but Josh n Trent meet each other there 4 the first time and
couldn’t keep each other’s hands off each other - there REALLY FANCY EACH
OTHER- That cute Joshyy (the young 19yr Escort lad from Manchester)
Joshyy was absolutely obsessed with that cute 19yr big dick 🇬🇧 Trent
So so keen! I didn’t think for 1 min he would be into Topping but his dick is a really
fucking BIG looks even bigger on his tiny waist -
He really fucks our lad all over the room
We invited our mates to come stay n party with us
Was brilliant having the whole country in a good mood 4 a change and EVERYONE
was wanting to party 🎈 thank god
After doing that all day we had a gay festival to go to in the evening

That cute sexy Escort josh spilts on it N sticks it RAW up that cute British lads arse
U can see his getting closer N closer - SO TURNS ME ON.....I wish I had gotten
fucked by that Joshyy with two ‘Y’s from Manchester !! YOU can find him on the
well known Escort site here in the UK btw... His name is Joshyy and lives in
Manchester, UK - his dick is extra fat btw
💜 the thought of a bottom lad spunking his load in my mates bum! SO HOT
I NEVER would have thought in a million years that Escort Joshyy would be into
Trent so much.... BUT he fucking is... they couldnt leave each other alone in the
Thank u 🎪 Mighty-Hoopla🎪 - had an amazing time with you guys x